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I was so pumped for Fantastic Four as soon as I saw the teaser trailer! Some people seem to dislike that there's a reboot after only ten years, or disappointed that it's dark and gritty, and stepping away from the comics. But I think that this is exactly what we need, and I'm here to tell you why.

1 - Fantastic Four (2005) Doesn't Hold Up Well Today

Ten years isn't a very long time for a reboot, but if you watch the Fantastic Four movie released in 2005, it feels terribly dated. The special effects don't hold up at all, the acting was so-so, and I mean... The Thing's costume, am I right? There was never an immense amount of hype over it. We need people to get excited about this property again. And I think that this movie will do just that. It did for me. This movie might be what fans have wanted from the previous films.

2 - 20th Century Fox Needs to Expand

Marvel and Fox have an interesting power struggle
Marvel and Fox have an interesting power struggle

Marvel and DC both have movies lined up clear to 2019. X-Men is undoubtedly Fox's biggest gem, and it only makes sense to expand from here. Fox currently has X-Men and Fantastic Four vs. Marvel who has the entire team of [The Avengers](movie:9040), and DC with anything Batman. By doing a reboot, it's going to make the Fantastic Four relevant again, and will give Fox the upper-hand on Marvel and DC. Who knows, we might even see the two come together in the same universe.

3 - The Reboot is Dark and Gritty, and That's Not a Bad Thing

The previous movies have been bright, colorful, funny, and pretty lighthearted. They resemble the comics quite a lot, that's A-OK. However, sometimes you have to step away from the source material. There's only so much that you can do over and over again. We need a breath of fresh air, and this is it. Also do keep in mind that just because a film is dark, that doesn't mean that there won't be moments of light. Even in the recent trailer, we can see characters cracking jokes. I really don't think that it's going to be like Nolan's Batman films, which some people keep comparing this to because of its gritty nature.

If you're still skeptical, think of it like this: If nothing else, there's potential for a whole new audience to come in because it's dark and gritty. If someone loves the reboot enough, they might go as far as to read the comics so that they can read up on all the details that were left out. If they read the Fantastic Four comics, they might get into other comics, too (Cue a ridiculous domino effect)! And more comic fans are always welcome, right?


Are you looking forward to the darker nature of the reboot?


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