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Big Grande is No More!!!!!

Yeah,Arianators,get ready to have your hearts broken.The "Love Me Harder" singer has announced that her relationship of 8 months with Big Sean has come to an end.

Yeah it really isn't!!!!

Seriously,How could this happen?They were like the cuddliest and cutest Hollywood couple...well..."MusicWood" couples.And now its over.

The fans are in shambles.Its like the epic Britney-Justin split that rocked the music world with dangerous grief.And history just keeps repeating itself.

HollywoodLife quoted sources saying that the main reason behind this breakup was "their conflicting tour schedules".Ariana Grande is right now in the middle of her Honeymoon tour and Big Sean is busy promoting his new album,Dark Sky Paradise.

Could there be any other reason?

Well right now ,in the middle of wild speculation and grief,fans may believe that the biggest reason behind this breakup is Justin Bieber.


Yup,you heard me right.This big breakup comes just a week after Bieber got really handsy and huggsy with Grande during her California concert,during which he made an unannounced appearance.

Well,that's kinda too far.Isn't it, Justin?

Sure no one likes their girlfriend (and seriously when its someone as cute as Grande) being groped by another guy in front of the whole world,but a little innocent flirting,as Bieber puts it,seriously couldn't have caused such harm.

Yup,that's the cryptic tweet Ariana made hours before the announcement.

Anyways,its devastating.As devastating as the Nina Dobrev-leaving-Vampire-Diaries shocker a week ago.But,for now,whatever the true reason might be,we will have to take Big Grande's reps' word for it,that they are gonna be apart for an year due to their conflicting schedules and hence have to part with their ways.Ariana and Sean have however stressed that they remain "very good friends" and will continue to do so.They have also said that they still genuinely care for each other.

That's it.Another sad news.Another break up.Seriously sucks to be celebrities,don't you think?

Well,as a reminder of cute and good times,here are a few snaps of Big Grande showing major and cute PDA.Have fun and dont' cry!!!!

What do you think of this breakup guys?Don't bottle your emotions.Open up ,the comments section is all for you!!!


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