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i like godzilla, mavel, ninja turtles,and etc

The new trailer is here and is even more than what we expect from the two last trailers.

We have more dinosaurs now in the new trailer.

First it starts off with Chris Pratt and his raptors

same as usual the park is safe. nothing going wrong

mosasaur after the feeding show

I hope someone gets in the water with the mosasaurs. Or its just a waste of my time to not see a beast this huge, can't kill a person.

  • trex show up
  • indominus rex killed her sibling
  • chaos in the park

Dr.Henry talking about the new dinosaur

Dr.Henry knew what happen to Jurassic park, why create a new hybrid dinosaur.That they have no idea how it's going to act.

indominus rex is in the aviary.

she is not your average dino.

There communicating

she is not killing the pteradons. she is telling them what to do. she is like the queen of the dinosaurs.

the raptors aren't tame

it looks like the raptors are wild again. after I-rex told them what to do. good thing chris pratt is friends with them.

the new trailer is here


are you ready for jurassic world?


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