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The first 30 seconds of the Trailer tells me that we are in for more incompetent villains, which is only going to get worse because now the Rebels are going to route of Robin Hood (stealing from the rich and giving to the poor) is Disney just taking themes from their own movies in Season one Ezra was Aladdin in Space now it seems the entire crew of the Ghost is going to be Robin Hood and his band of merry men.

The Emperor has dispatched Darth Vader to Lothal to take care of the Rebels there, which can only lead to Vader looking like a completely incompetent weakling Here is why, Darth Vader cannot kill the Rebels because then there would be no more show which means that when Vader finally confronts the rebels they will have to escape him, We are talking about Darth Vader only the second most powerful Canon Sith Lord ever. Later on in the trailer we actually see Lord Vader confront the crew of the Ghost and engage Kanan and Ezra in combat now Kanan only has the training of a Padawan and Ezra is on the level of a Youngling, so Darth Vader should be able to dispatch them both with ease seeing as how he with the help of the 501st destroyed an entire temple filled with hundreds of padwans, younglings and several masters. What good is Lord Vader if he can’t take care of a padwan and a youngling? Don’t even get me started on the fact that these Rebels are even a blip on the Emperors radar but oh wait they have been able to evade everyone that has been sent after them thus far including a Special Agent, a fully-fledged Inquisitor (who’s only job is to find jedi and kill them), The greatest Canon military genius and soon to be the second most powerful Canon Sith Lord ever and soon to be 2 new Inquisitors. They are cheapening and even destroying the reputations of these villains by allowing them to be defeated by a bunch of teens and young adults, these villains are some of the most powerful people in the Universe and yet not one of them can successfully capture, kill or even injure a couple of people running around a single star system.

Talking about Vader brings up an interesting point the 501st Legion, they served under Anakin during the Clone Wars and they aided in clearing the Jedi Temple and they are called Vaders Fist so it is plausible that Lord Vader will bring the 501st with him to Lothal if this occurs the Rebels should be destroyed the very same day they arrive just saying the 501st aren’t the incompetent backwater troopers like the ones stationed on Lothal.

So now we have learned that Lord Vader is on Lothal and has started tightening his grip on the system and has forced the Rebels to leave the system, its like oh yeah now we start to see the brutality of the Empire its almost as if Vader is the only person authorized to capture or destroy Rebel insurgents by any means necessary. The Rebels go to Tatooine (I wonder if they are going to meet Luke Skywalker or Obi Wan, not even going to express how I feel about that) along with Ahsoka Tano apparently to meetup with Rex and two other Clones (Which actually supports my 501st theory I mean if these Clones are still alive then why not the ones in the 501st?). Now I am going to be completely honest here the only reason that Rex and the clones were in the Trailer was because the show isn’t doing very well and they want to drum up more viewers particularly from The Clone Wars, why do you think they had so many Original Trilogy special guests in the first season? To pander to Original Trilogy fans. Oh and Hondo Ohnaka is somehow in the trailer to and its for the same reason that the clones are in the trailer.

Apparently there are going to be at least 2 more Inquisitors in Rebels and apparently that ridicules Lightsaber the first one had is standard issue for Inquisitors. It’s a Lightsaber that doesn’t even work in continuity with basic Lightsaber mechanics.

I wonder if these new Inquisitors will be any better than the first one, ah who am I kidding they won’t be because the good guys have to win and get away…

The new Inquisitors
The new Inquisitors

This is going to be another wonderful season of special guests, incompetent villains and destruction of established characters reputations.

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