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Earlier today, an audition tape for Spider-Man was uploaded to YouTube, and it's pretty entertaining. It was uploaded by user The Guild of Nerds, and it features one, young Spider-Man hopeful named Sam Pellegrino.

The video is about 10 minutes long and features a top ten list on the reasons he should play Spider-Man, as well as a short scene that he wrote and created with his friends at his high school!

You can watch the video here:

What are the ten reasons you ask?

#10: He Looks Like Peter Parker

There are some differences, of course, but no one looks EXACTLY like their character.

#9: He's Fifteen

Let's see this more as a strength than a weakness, considering Kevin Feige was looking for a younger actor.

#8: He's Frigging Adorable

And he really is. Look at that face of his!

"I mean, come on. People love cute.
"I mean, come on. People love cute.

#7: He's An Unknown Actor

It might be beneficial that Spider-Man was played by an unknown actor, considering that's what made Harry Potter so great.

#6: He Can Play The Spider-Man Theme Song on Guitar

He then goes on to play the Spider-Man theme song on guitar.

#5: He's A Geek

What made Spider-Man great was the fact that he was a geek, just like the rest of us. Having someone who's experienced nerd in all it's glory would be beneficial to the movie.

#4: He Can Be Shy

Another part of the geek theme- Peter Parker is a shy, quiet guy. He have too many friends or go to parties, they're scary to him.

#3: He Can Be A Sarcastic Badass

His only explanation: "Have you been watching this video?"

#2: He Cares About Spider-Man

He explains how Spider-Man meant a lot to him growing up, and how since he started acting he's wanted to play a super hero, and how he would try to portray Spider-Man as he is in the comics.

#1: He Can Act

He doesn't expect you to take his word for it, though. He then shows a scene he and his friends made at school.

And if course, he closes it with the logo:

Wait, hang on. The Guild of Nerds? That sounds familiar. Oh yeah, it's me. This was my Spider-Man audition tape.

Forgot about that.

Please share this video everywhere, using . Let's see if Marvel sees it and gets me an audition!


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