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One of the focal points of the prequels to George Lucas' Star Wars trilogy is that Jedi Knights are not allowed to be married. It is the reason that Anakin and Padme carry on their love affair in secret, eventually leading to the destruction of the Jedi Counsel.

This did not sit well with Jedi hopeful, Colin, who decided to write a hearfelt letter to George asking him to abolish the rule so that he might one day be able to get married.

The little boy is clearly intelligent and able to comprehend many different emotions as well as thoughts on life and the future in a way that is rather impressive in someone so young.

In return, it turns out that Lucasfilm is kind hearted and sent the young boy just as touching a response, while also including some gifts for their young fan.

Colin's reaction to finding some of the gifts
Colin's reaction to finding some of the gifts

Their letter to him reads as follows

It looks as though Colin will have no problem getting married when he is older, no matter if he completes his training or not. He was more than a little excited responding:

"So I get to get married?"

Maybe when the big day comes he will be able to write to Lucas again and get a special guest.

Either way, the Force is definitely strong in this one.


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