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How many times have you watched and re-watched the trailer for The Force Awakens? Do you watch it right before you go to sleep, hoping for some badass, powerful Jedi dreams?

Not even a day after the highly anticipated Star Wars trailer was released, FinalFeature showcased their LEGO version of the trailer. It's like an answer from the gods, really.

If you want to squeal like a little child from excitement, be sure to watch the video below:

How freakin' cool was that?!

Now watch the original trailer below if you wish to compare them. You know, because one thousand times isn't enough.

It's pretty darn spot on, right?

This actually makes me wish I could be a LEGO Jedi.

The action is just as exciting in a LEGO world.

Check out some thrilling stills from the trailer below:

As excited as I am to see The Force Awakens, I am disappointed that a LEGO version won't be available for my viewing pleasure. I guess I should learn to not be so excessive. More Star Wars, however, is always welcomed.

[Source: MTV]


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