ByTomaso Marchelli, writer at

Absolutely the best character. Finn is great. Tough he's evil and wanted to kill everyone in the planet, I always felt bad when he suffered and cried. If it wasn't for his stupid mother, he could have been a "good guy" and cured his disease. I was so disappointed in the ending. This season should have a "bad ending", with Dandy (no more a child, but a real man) going away with the full Twisty costume. A glorious ending monologue which explained the rest of his days as a famous loved actor, and then committing suicide in the "Elsa way" to meet Twisty again. Nobody could kill him, because he is "a god". That would have been a great ending. Sorry for mistakes, I don't speak English.

P.S. I feel very embarassed when I think about how much I loved him, because god, I'm male and not homosexual, but I admit: I cried when he died.


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