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When Sunday evening comes along, you know where to find me. Huddled up on the couch, with none of the lights on, perhaps with a glass of ale, as they call it, watching [Game of Thrones](movie:817617). There's no show like it. I think it's highly justifiable to argue that it's the best show on television although, I know there are others who may disagree.

These are 15 unbelievably awesome Game of Thrones infographics that each delve into some specific facts about the show. So, with these infographics by your side, you can become the most knowledgable GoT fan of all.

Check 'em out!

1. The Sex Infographic by Cool Material

There's a lot of sex on this show. Now you have a single sheet that breaks down the entire sex history of everybody on the show. Awesome.

2. Size and population of Westeros and the USA, height of tallest monuments, length of largest animals, Wall height by The Daily Dot

This really puts things in perspective. The Great Wall of China is literally nothing compared to The Wall from GoT.

3. Transit map of the entirety of Westeros by Michael Tyznik

I bet the King's Landing metro stop is a bitch to get out of.

4. Season 5 death predictions by Huffington Post

This is great. Now that the show is deviating from the books, even George R.R. Martin probably isn't sure who survives... consulting with psychics is awesomely perfect here.

5. Height chart by lossietereinos

People sleep on the fact that Hodor is 6'11". He's a beast, and also Ghost is 5'1" which is massive for a hound/dog.

6. The most popular character by country by Outbrain

Of course America chose Joffrey. America loves assholes. And the UK being the biggest fans of the show seems to make inherent sense too.

7. Behind-the-scenes on the production of GoT by Absoleom Pictures

$6 million an episode perfectly explains how the cinematic quality of the show is so high. A ridiculous amount of time and money clearly goes into making sure this show is so good.

8. An infographic just on spoilers by Spoiler Shield

7 million Tweets per season? That's a truly astonishing number. It also explains why Sunday nights I can't go on Twitter until I've seen the episode. The west coast gets especially screwed by this, what with that three hour time difference. The Tweeting starts three hours earlier....

9. Shooting locations for the show by Cheap Flights

What a diverse array of places to shoot! I need to go to the real King's Landing at some point in my life .

10. Real life parallels to GoT from like.. the real world by Brett James

11. A guide to the ever-so-confusing houses by Magda Moslowska

This isn't nearly as simple as the four houses of Harry Potter. We've got some highly confusing stuff going on here. It's all broken down by someone who has a knack for making complex information easy to consume.

12. The Tully sisters' romantic relationships by Wavesheep

I really like the icons here.

13. A reminder of sorts on the backstory by matt0339

The Hound and The Mountain are two of the most badass brothers you will probably ever find.

14. Robert's Rebellion by ConnectYourHome

Robert and Cersei's tumultuous and forced marriage makes way more sense now.

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