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There's nothing scarier than being chased on an island by giant, blood-thirsty dinosaurs with a craving for human flesh. There's also nothing more fun than watching a movie about your favorite super-hero turned park ranger leading a pack of killer velociraptors to war. So the question of the day then is have you seen the new trailer? If not, here it is.

So now that you're definitely going berserk, either because you're terrified or you're excited, I'll reveal three new, amazing Jurassic World posters. They're beautiful, scary, and monstrous. Check them out below.

Claire Dearing Faces The Indominus Rex

The Mosasaurus Vs. A Great White Shark

Owen Grady and The Velociraptors

Pretty exciting, scary stuff right? Even though the second and third Jurassic Park movies failed, I'm very hopeful for this summer smasher. It's going to be one heck of a ride.

Jurassic World hits theaters June 12, 2015.


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