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We all know that this movie is going to be an intense battle between Batman and Superman, but there has to another outside antagonist to end their fight and pull the Justice League together, am I right?

While there are the obvious villains that come to mind when we hear either Batman's or Superman's name, (i.e. The Joker, Lex Luthor) there are others that deserve to been brought to the big screen.

During the teaser trailer, we hear an electronically altered voice asking "Do you bleed? You will!" and this is assumed by most to be the voice they will be using for Batman. I however disagree with this as i do not feel they would take this approach to the "BatVoice". Here is where my theory comes in to play...more like my hopes and dreams of a perfect movie.

AGAIN, This is my personal theory/Hope.....

The voice we hear is not Batman. After all this is a teaser trailer and the nature of it is to do just that, tease. We hear the voice but it is dubbed over other scenes and we never get a scene where we hear Batman I feel this is the voice of an undisclosed villain that will be surfacing in this movie. This is how i see/hope this plays out.

Batman and Superman have their fighting and it will be epic! However, I feel the perfect villain to unite them is Brainiac! If you are not familiar with just who Brainiac is, then click here to learn more about him.

Braniac image found in google image search
Braniac image found in google image search

He is one of the coolest villains that DC has that has never been on the big screen in live action. Based on the Robotic voice, i think he is the perfect fit giving who/what he is. He comes in to play forcing Batman and Superman to put their egos and fighting aside to focus on the greater good. This would also bring the other members of the JLA into play seeing how Brainiacs plans would obviously not be entirely focused on just Metropolis or Gotham, but the whole world. This could very easily introduce [Aquaman](movie:264237) and [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) in the picture for the same reason...Protecting their people and the world. This would force an unstable bond of trust between them all.

This would be a perfect lead up to the JLA forming as well as force our heroes to work together. We all know Batman has trust issues with everyone. Just as in most comic storylines, he will have to put those issues aside and let them help him and work together.Batman and Superman would both see that the other is out for the greater good as would the rest of the JLA. Let me know what you think!


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