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With the new The Fantastic Four trailer out I have to admit I may have been wrong about the film. The effects look spot on and the tone looks perfect.

That being said, I have many people saying that since both both properties are owned by Fox, that they should crossover with Bryan Singer's X-Men franchise. Although that may sound like a good idea on paper, I am going to give a few reasons why it shouldn't happen.

Not All Franchise(s) Need a Cinematic Universe!!!!

Stop copying them!!!!
Stop copying them!!!!

Okay, I agree that the MCU is great, and I'm as excited as the next guy for Phase 3.

However, the cinematic universe model doesn't work every time (for example, Sony's Spider-verse). Since Kevin Feige had it be a universe from day one, which made sure that the movies had a clear direction and purpose.

The X-Men movies on the other hand, were always meant to be in a contained universe. When Singer made the original back in 2000 he never had a crossover in mind and 15 years later, well there have been bumps in the road, the franchise is still chugging along fine, will more sequels and spin-offs planned.

To but it bluntly, the crossover ship for the X-Men franchise has SAILED!

The Films are Different Genres.

Now this is a sci-fi movie
Now this is a sci-fi movie

Although the movie hasn't come out yet, we seem to know that this movie will try to steer away from traditional superhero flicks. On the other hand we have the X-Men, and while they have introduced time travel, they are still pretty much straight-up superhero movies.

There is a very small chance that a cross-over like this would work because the shift in tone/genre would simply be to jarring for one of the properties.

Simply put, the two franchises would not mesh well together because of the tonal/genre shift.

Fantastic Four Could be Terrible.

Get some blue costumes NOW!!!
Get some blue costumes NOW!!!

Sure, the trailers so far have been fantastic (see what I did there) and the actors and CGI seem perfect, but we must prepare for the possibility that this film is terrible.

I mean, there have quite a few movies with awesome trailers that have been either terrible or tremendously disappointing.

Let's say the movie is an utter catastrophe of epic proportions and just so happen to have a cameo/post-credits scene from Professor X or any one of the X-Men. What would Fox do? Would they do what Warner Bros. did with Green Lantern and just the whole thing isn't canon or would they pray to god that Trank and co. get their act together in the sequel just in time for a cross-over?

Either way Fox would have quite a pickle on their hands.

So what do you think? Do you think that we should see Wolverine and Thing tem up for a Fastball Special? Or do you agree with me and think that Reed Richards and co. are better off separate?

Either way, feel free to sound off in the comments!!!


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