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The first system we owned was an Atari 2600. My brother and I played it quite frequently, but only one of us would continue on the path of gaming. Gone through the NES, SNES/Genesis, PSOne, N64 and so on. Gaming has seen some awesome improvements and also it's downs. Here, in my opinion, are 3 reasons why it's gotten better, and why it's also gotten worse.

The Good

1. Graphics
Pretty obvious, this one is. I mean we've gone from the simple pixel graphics to these almost life like images we seen in our games. I mean go back and look at Combat, Pong or Space Invaders and then look at our Uncharted franchise, Battlefield, CoD, Assassin's Creed or even GTA V. You have the HUGE worlds and they're alive, detailed and gorgeous. These past 30 years we've gone leaps and bounds in growing the graphics in the gaming industry.

2. Technology
This one can tie in to number one, but we have to notice how much the technology has grown so much. We have faster and more powerful consoles that can spit out better graphics, quicker than ever before. We've gone from cartridges that could only hold a tiny fraction of the data that our media can hold now. We've gone from wired controllers, to Blue Tooth ones that you can play with from across a large room and beyond. When the first portable consoles came out, how awesome were those? Now our handheld consoles can be a part of our console games, and even play the console games while on the same network. We have virtual/headwear consoles making a comeback. We have these controllers that you move in your hand and the movement happens on the screens. We have have cameras that you can use just your hands as controllers and they even pick up your movements and recognize you (as creepy as that may seem). I can't wait to see what we see in the future when it comes to video game technology.

3. Digital Delivery
How can you improve great games besides graphics and gameplay? How about instant delivery. We don't even have to get up and go to the store anymore to buy them. Now when I say instant delivery, do keep in mind this may vary with people's internet speeds; but still, no more waiting for the game to get to your house in the mail, or having to stop by the store to grab it. With this we also get add-ons and added features instantly applied. Sports games are a great example because as rosters change, you are able to download the latest ones as soon as they make the changes. Digital Delivery has it's many perks and is becoming more and more popular. It's getting to the point where some people are preferring the digital route as opposed to the discs.

The Bad

1. The Big Bad Wolf
I can't help but think when a new publisher becomes successful making games, "How much longer before one of the big dogs buys them up, chew them up and then spit them out once all the money has been squeezed out of them". It used be thinking, "Awesome! Now they'll have financial backing to make their game even better!" Now? Now it's like, "Aw crap, what are they gonna do to this game I love!?!?" Maybe it's just me, but I would rather see these indie companies stay indie companies.

2. Gameplay
Graphics! Graphics! Graphics! Wow, these amazing graphics! So lifelike, so awesome! I love great graphics, but not at the sacrifice of good gameplay. I know I haven't been giving any examples of the previous ones just because I figured we can all somehow relate, but the one that has really hit home for me was the SOCOM series. How great were they to play when they first came out. It had a cult following. But as the series progressed, the graphics got better but the gamplay did not. We went from the great SOCOM 2's to Confrontation where the game had so many issues, some that never got fixed, and even to SOCOM 4 where it literally became a totally different game. I can tell you and I'm sure I speak for a lot of the SOCOM fans out there, we would rather have SOCOM 2 just remastered than anything else that's recent.

3. Digital Delivery
No, you're not seeing things, Digital Delivery is on both lists. How can it be good and bad? I've been gaming since the cartridge days, and I mean the Atari 2600 days. Which means the games HAD to be finished by then. No internet connection to patch it, cause it had some faults, none of that business. I really feel that the privilege of Digital Delivery has also stunted the game creation. Titles are rushed and therefore not properly tested and made and forced out into the public before they probably normally would before the net. It almost never fails that when you buy a disc and insert it into your console that there is a patch or update for it. Sadly there are times where games are abandoned before being 100% patched or fixed. As a consumer, if I pay for a full priced product, I expect it to be complete. I mean, what if any other products were like that? Hey, I just bought the new Avengers movie, but the last 40 minutes hasn't been rendered completely. Or, I just bought the new Linkin Park album, but they haven't finished recording the last two songs, so they'll patch that in later. Maybe it's just me, but I don't this is right.

All these are of course my opinions and I'd love to hear your opinions and take all this list. Thanks for reading!


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