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Jarrett Rives

Hey guys I know most people will say in your opinion but thats why im here to share my opinion ok so here it goes please share comment and whatever else there is.

  • #1 Marvel has a more expanding universe and its origins stick to the comics in stead of changing big things about like "Lois knows that Clark Kent is Superman ". Or that Bruce and Jokers origins in The Dark knight trilogy or Banes character change. Its build up is also more exciting than the other sides. In the eyes of me and a few of my friends marvels got build up and origins.
  • #2 Ok now action Marvels also has this in our opinion they have it through out the movie instead of the last some odd minutes of their movies and instead of having them just fight three people they have them fight through lots of people to fight the villain at the end. I mean look at Dark knight and Green Lantern not alot of action until the last 30 mins of the movie. Plus i mean watching Iron fight a fat Ironman is so much more cooler than anything else
  • #3 This is romance i mean there are so many romances in marvel, some are small to large romances. I mean Black Widow's Love interests switch from Hawkeye to Banner and i think Hawkeye is gonna loose here and even if She chooses Hawkeye, Hulk will crush him so yeah. But back on topic romances in Marvel seem more realistic than Dc. Dc has real quick love interests not alot of why their there just like boom you love each other done. I mean Batman love this girl does nothing about it then she dies then he goes for a women in a tight leather outfit. Doesnt seem like he was two worried about it.
  • #4 this will be my last one so, MORE EMOTION There is more emotion in the scenes in marvel movies you can really feel it while watching the movie like when Cap is being beatin by Bucky you can really feel the anger and regret and the sheer loyalty in that scene. I think its just the actors or maybe just better writing but there is more emotion in the scene or even the whole movies in general. The most Emotional scene in Batman is when the girl dies in number 2 i mean it had the most feeling in my opinion. I mean Green Lantern was just a superhero movie staring Ryan Reynolds so it like Wolverine just a Wolverine movie.

So in conclusion Marvel in my opinion is the better out of the two in theaters as of now we will have to wait and see if Dc has some changes or is it gonna go traditional ways of the way it makes movies from here Marvel has it in my opinion. Thanks like share comment if you like it or not give me feed back not just you stupid you suck give me feed back that way i can see what made y'all mad


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