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The Walking Dead is far from a happy-go-lucky sitcom, but that doesn't stop the show's creators from having a good time and sneaking in little jokes, clues, and Easter eggs here and there.

One of the show's main antagonists through seasons three and four was the murderous and insane Philip Blake, also known as "The Governor." But in an interview with The Huffington Post, the man behind The Governor, David Morrissey, shed his eye patch and violent ways, and revealed one funny Easter egg that makes his character seem a bit less threatening.


He told HuffPost:

There was one shot of the Governor, I think when he came back, and he was in his disheveled state with his beard and his hair when he was lying on the couch and a the cushion behind him has a parrot, which was by his shoulder, so that was always quite funny.
Netflix/Huffington Post
Netflix/Huffington Post

And just like that, I can't re-watch the series without thinking of The Governor as secretly being a pirate.

Morrissey also discussed some of the slightly stranger things that fans of The Walking Dead have sent him including eye patches (no surprise there) and squirrel meat.


If you think that Rick or Daryl are the biggest threat to Walkers in this post-apocalyptic zomieland, then you're dead wrong. According to Morrissey, the strangest thing he's seen on a set of fake blood and guts was a far more common problem for the undead: Ants.

It was the hottest day I have ever experienced in my life, and this guy was buried under the ground, and I thought, 'God, that’s really strange. He’s got, like, leather trousers on,' and actually, what it really was, his whole legs were covered in ants. And this guy just -- they were everywhere -- and it was so strange, and then he just got sprayed down. And then he went back into the hole.

Yeah, I guess when you're covered in chocolate and sitting out in the sun all day, you're bound to attract some unwanted attention.

Even though his character is long gone, fans of the show will know that The Governor's death was not the last time we'd see his character (I won't spoil it for anyone who's still catching up).

But Morrissey says that even though his reign is done, he'd be open to appearing in more episodes!

To be honest, I would go down to Georgia and go to the set of 'The Walking Dead' in order to make them tea for an episode.

Until he gets asked back to reprise his role as the ghost pirate Governor on [The Walking Dead](series:201193), you can see David Morrissey on his new series The Driver on Acorn.TV.

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