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Butch Shannon

A few days ago when the Batman V Superman Trailer was release I saw something that caught my eye so watch it over and over and I paused it at 1:22/1:23 and saw the four Q's on the shipping container which right away I said wow a Green Arrow/Queen Industries. So I waited a few days to see if any comic book website post an article about the Easter Eggs in the Batman V Superman:Dawn Of Justice Trailer and nun of them mention any green arrow Easter eggs or Queen Industries Easter eggs. So I went on the Comic book group pages on facebook to see if anyone else besides me seen the Easter Egg of Green arrow but no one posted or mention it so it looks like I'm the first. So as you take a look at the photos down below you can clearly see the four hugh Q's on the Shipping Container.

If You stop the video around 1:22/1:23 you can see for your self the its four Q's on the Shipping Container.


Do You Think Green Arrow Will Appear in BvS ?


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