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This past weekend, the Batman v Superman trailer was leaked prior to its official releases date on Monday April 20th, so Warner Bros. decided to release it a day after the leak. Despite the leak, more people gravitated towards the clearer version of the trailer and from my got me really excited! I won't give a complete breakdown of every part of the trailer, but what I will do is give my feelings on where the characters in this trailer may already be and where the are heading.


From the moment the trailer started, it appeared there was a Superman controversy building and it was in full effect. It appears that many people have indeed embraced their savior, and not just the people of Metropolis. But not everybody feels that way. Of the voices saying their piece, one in particular stood out. One that says, as I remember it..."People thought the devil came from the ground beneath us, he actually comes from the sky". That was said as Superman hovered in the sky as someone was reaching out to him. That is a scornful comment about him, I think without taking a wild guess, I am pretty sure that was Lex Luthor who made that comment. People may or may not be as divided as the first clip would indicate. With a statue of Superman in place, we soon found out that it was graffiti'd with these words, "False God" on it. I don't think it was written by Lex Luthor, but I wouldn't be surprised if he indeed did do it. No matter who it was, they wanted the attention of Superman. The darker theme indicates the downside of being Superman, I just wonder if there will be a lighter side to be seen first.

Bruce Wayne, sees the rage, in his Cowl.

You first hear words explaining a fever, but then you see Bruce Wayne staring at his cowl. Now you got to wonder what he was thinking, could it be about Superman, or this is simply who he is? He didn't have a scowl on his face, there was a blankness that wasn't good whoever may be the recipient of it. With some Easter egg items littered throughout Man of Steel, one of which was Wayne Interprises' Satellite which was destroyedby the Kryptonians, this indicated that this would soon involved the Dark Knight. No, I don't think he is mad about a satellite... he is probably more concerned than anything. In this trailer though, he seemed to be quite busy with other affairs that were not Superman. As Batman, he looks big and bad and appears he has been at this for quite a while. All this Batman beefy greatness, it leads to the scene we have been waiting for...where they are on the big screen together for the very first time.

Threat made, threat heard, threat Wow'd!

This scene was short, but sweet. In the rain, a standoff was on the rise with Batman, in battle armor, throwing the first verbal punch and in the most awesome fashion... "Tell me, do you bleed?..... You WILL." Goosebumps!!! Now what leads to this epic battle, we will have to wait and see. One thing is for certain, Batman may not see Superman as evil or a bad guy, but if he could be corrupted or manipulated, he could be a large threat. Could this be a physical powwow or their views on justice are clashing and they just needed to take out their frustrations out on each other? Who knows...either way, it is going to be amazing fight!

In Closing

Should they be fighting so soon... should they be fighting at all? Will there be enough happening to validate the fight? Who's going to win? Me, I think it is interesting that they having their big fight so soon after meeting in this movie. I would have prefer the build up to it, but I will not turn away from the movie because of it. I am guessing that Batman wins on a technicality. Superman knocks off Batman's helmet revealing Bruce Wayne. He knowing who he is distracts him enough for Batman to pull off a hidden attack. I am not sure if they are incorporating kryptonite in this movie or not... I'm hoping, but if so, it will come down to that I'm sure. What do you think will happen? Comment below.


Batman vs Superman : Who wins?


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