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Like many fans, I’ve waited for a long time for just a glimpse into what we can expect from [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870). The trailer to the follow-up to [Man of Steel](movie:15593) and the prequel to JLA shows a movie that is visually entertaining. Yet, there are concerns with the many characters that are presumed to be introduced that there will be too much to tell in just one movie. Since this is the sequel to Man of Steel, we have plenty to address in Clark Kent’s life, his adjustment as Superman, his career, and the relationship both professional and personal with Lois Lane.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane
Amy Adams as Lois Lane
The Justice League ready to Unite!
The Justice League ready to Unite!

Besides the main story regarding Batman; [Aquaman](movie:264237), Wonder Woman, and Cyborg are all scheduled to appear in one way or another. They could have small bit parts that fill in the path to JLA, or they can be all over the place. A failing formula too familiar to fans, especially Marvel fans. Let me explain.

DC fans can be served a mess of a movie like the last Spider Man with Electro, Rhino, Green Goblin and the death of Gwen Stacy. The story thinned out like butter spread over too much bread by the time we got to the end of the movie. DC runs the risk of this happening as well. I doubt we’ll go into Batman’s origin story, due to this story being told many times onscreen; I can’t say the same for Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg. We need a beginning….and that my friends will take some time to tell.

From what the trailer revealed, in Batman V Superman we discover a world still reeling from the aftermath of General Zod’s invasion and the near destruction of Metropolis. The planet’s as a whole has come to the realization that we’re not alone in the universe and the truth that we humans are not equal to what lies in the blackness of space. There are advanced and powerful civilizations that exist and can crush our lives in an instant. What else don't we know about our place in existence? Are there more beings with God-like powers out there?

Which is why the story tells about the aftermath called SUPERMAN. His powers have elevated him to a God in the eyes of many; a divine being whose existence disproves religion, a savior to the human race. The images in the trailer reveal men worshipping Kal-EL; bowing before the Man of Steel as well as those who oppose the thought of him being a God. Revealing a statue commemorating his victory defaced with the words “False God” on the crest of the House of EL.

One of those debating the existence of the Man of Steel, and his place in the world is billionaire Bruce Wayne. The image of him standing before the Bat suit suggests a man both pained by loss, and burdened with the weight of the human race. There is speculation that the Batman we see onscreen will be the version that comes after a “Death in the Family”. This could be Alfred, or this could be Robin. The grey in his hair, both on his face and on his head suggest we are getting an older Dark Knight. Which could suggest that Alfred may have passed due to age? The man isn't immortal.

We could also argue that the pain on his face is caused by the death of Robin. Since it was announced that Jared Leto will be taking over the role of the most hated person in Batman’s life, Robin’s death could bridge these two characters on the big screen.

Imagine seeing “The Killing Joke” told in a movie. Since it is being suggested that we are going to see Nightwing one day, the only assumption we can say is that this movie takes place after the death of Jason Todd. I will add that one of the voices narrating the trailer sounds like Jeremy Irons, who takes over the role of Alfred; either past or present.

This possible death could be the factor that fills the Dark Knight with the “fever & rage” needed to combat one who many consider to be a God on Earth. Another hypothesis is that Alfred was killed during the invasion and Bruce has a legitimate beef with anything or anyone Kryptonian.

The trailer also showed why Ben Affleck will get a solo movie eventually; either after or before JLA. BATFLECK in the suit IS BATMAN; there is no argument there. He looks really good under the cowl. His size and the maturity in his face can give us a defining version of the Dark Knight, matched only by Christian Bale’s take on the role. The Batmobile looks awesome and the BATJET is equally cool.

One can argue on how Batman’s role in the movie will affect the storyline as a whole in regards to the genesis of the JLA. Will they capture the natural tension that has always existed between Bruce and Clark? Or will the movie miss completely when they start introducing all the other supporting characters? I ask this because the dynamic between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight requires the utmost attention; whether or not this film does that we'll have to wait and see.

This movie looks like a big ole stew filled with a bunch of ingredients. I guess in 2016 we'll find out whether it'll taste good or not.


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