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With the success of Marvel's "Daredevil" on Netflix, their live action universe just got a whole lot bigger. So now that we have some fantastic groundwork laid for more Marvel television, it's time that we start exploring some other characters.

Let me just say that I would love to see these characters brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I think they would fit better as part of the Netflix or "Agents of SHIELD" world on television. Plus, we all know that at some point all of these worlds will intersect and come together.

Since Marvel seems to be able to do no wrong at this point, it's time to start exploring some more characters. With Captain Marvel and the Inhumans getting their own movies, along with Doctor Strange and Black Panther, you can bet that Marvel isn't afraid to try any of their characters.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" proved that it worked in the movies, so establishing a lesser-known hero or villain on TV would be an even easier task. Which takes me to my first selection.

Taskmaster - Agents of SHIELD

A villain with no super powers, but a photographic memory, the Taskmaster would prove a great season long, or series, villain for Agent Coulson and company to do battle with. With Hydra attempting to rebuild, they could even explore the whole Solomon Institute where they train would be henchmen.

Could you imagine Taskmaster in a fight with either Mockingbird of Agent May? That would be some great television action. If "Arrow" can do Deathstroke, Marvel can certainly bring in the Taskmaster.

She-Hulk - Agents of SHIELD

I could totally see them bring on Jennifer Walters as a lawyer, and maybe getting her into some gamma radiation trouble at some point. It would give us a nice tie to the Hulk without having to pay Mark Ruffalo to big bucks to pop onto the show. Plus, She-Hulk has always been more of a lighthearted comic, so she would fit in nicely with the group on "Agents of SHIELD."

The Punisher - Netflix Universe

Right now might be the perfect opportunity to re-introduce everyone to Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. "Daredevil" proved that Marvel could be violent and series and totally get away with it. The post-Avengers Hell's Kitchen that the Marvel Netflix world is in would be a perfect spot for Frank to show up to start enforcing his own style of justice.

Plus, this would be an awesome time to give us Punisher for his controversial role in the Civil War comic book. It would be interesting to see that same exact moment happen on the big or small screen.

Spider-Woman - Agents of SHIELD

Jessica Drew would be interesting because they could start her off maybe not on the side of the Agents of SHIELD. But she would eventually become a reformed member of their team.

With all the people that Hydra was experimenting one, it wouldn't shock me if they were using insect DNA to try to enhance someone who might already be on the gifted index. Plus we have no idea who is even on that gifted index, so maybe Jessica Drew is just out there waiting to be discovered.

Namor - Netflix Universe

I want to see a super bad-ass version of Sub-Mariner. Prince Namor doesn't exactly trust the surface dwellers. Maybe the events of the first and second "Avengers" films finally penetrates to the ocean and gets the attention of Namor and the people of Atlantis. Maybe it's the wake up call that he needs to finally make himself known to the rest of the world.

In order to really nail Namor's anger and aggression towards the surface dwellers, I think you need that gritty and dark feel on the Netflix universe. For all I know, they're already planning something for Namor for their phase four lineup.


Which character would you like to see in the television universe most?


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