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As we've seen already, the trailer for ' Justice League: Gods and Monsters' has released. And I really see a darker side to the Trinity of Superman, Batman, and [Wonder Woman](movie:45787). Something tells me that's exactly what executive producer Bruce Timm was aiming for.

Let's start with Superman's background for the movie. In this reality,

was not the son of famous Kryptonian scientist Jor-El and lady Lara. He turns out to be the son of the original Superman's worst enemy and captive of the Phantom Zone, Zod.

Why would someone want to settle with this?
Why would someone want to settle with this?

Along with that, Superman wasn't raised by the Kent's like the original telling. Apparently, Superman is now raised by a Mexican family. How many churros can he eat in a minute, I wonder.

Next, we have this reality's Batman, who takes on a truly dark persona in the film. Though, further information of this Batman hasn't been fully disclosed. As far as we know, he is a half-human half-vampire bat that does what his hybrid self does- sucks blood, or maybe plasma that takes the coloring of blood (it's definitely blood, I just wanted to make it sound less harsh than it already is).

Batman voiced by Michael C Hall
Batman voiced by Michael C Hall

Even though this is a darker tone for Batman, I must say, the suit looks freakin' awesome! And to top it all off, the voice of Batman is none other than HBO sitcom Dexter star Michael C. Hall.

Next is, of course, is the beloved Amazon princess, Wonder Woman. Again, though, this one, of course, is entirely different. Take a look:

This doesn't look like traditional Wonder Woman. Once again, though, Bruce wasn't going for traditional. He's creating his own reality. So could the origin be almost similar to the original or an entirely remodeled origin? Right now, I don't care, but I like the costume. Truly science fiction, if you ask me. Well done, Mr. Timm. Well done.

Can't wait for this animated film to come. Justice League: Gods and Monsters comes to DVD and Blu-Ray July 28. Until then.....Don't forget to comment!


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