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First and foremost, I am not saying this is a bad movie, in fact, I like it quite a bit. What I am saying, is that it has things in it that bother me just as much as some of the prequels. I've noticed that most Star Wars fans can rant about the prequels for hours, but the original trilogy is always left untouched, surely it wasn't perfect right? I mean near perfect were the 4th and 5th, but this one, this one has flaws that cut deep. Deep George! I believe this film isn't in the nerd hit list, simply because of nostalgia. I mean, think about the fan base of Star Wars, most of them were probably still kids when this one came out, and didn't see the flaws. Makes sense right? Maybe... I will rant about the three things that bother me the most about this film, and yeah, that's pretty much what this article is!

1. The Death of Boba Fett

Such a great character...
Such a great character...

Boba Fett... the epitome of a fan favorite character! Don't quote me on this, but he has about 10-ish minutes of screen time in the original trilogy? Maybe less, I don't know I didn't time it, but the amount of impact he has had on pop culture for the amount of time he spent on screen is amazing! Surely George and the other writers thought this was the last movie for Star Wars, wrapping everything up and whatnot. So yes, I can see that they wanted to kill off what they considered a villain. (Now probably considered an anti-hero, but whatever.) How would we expect such a cool character to die though? A great battle between him and Han would have been incredible! Maybe a face off between him and Luke, heck, him and Jabba fighting would have been better than what we got. We got a half blinded Han, smashing his jet pack on accident and sending him careening into the sarlaac pit. What?! LAME. (And yes, I know he survived in the expanded universe, but we are talking about the movies here, and Disney probably took that out of continuity with the new movies on the way) But hey, maybe we will see him in episode VII!!!

2. The SECOND Death Star


Simply put: this was lazy writing. That's all there is to it. It's a rehash from the fourth completely, with an added shield generator. WOW. Probably the biggest mistake of this movie in my opinion. There's not much else to say here, except LAME!!!

3. The Ewoks

Adorable :')
Adorable :')

The worst part with this was how easily they killed the storm troopers, I mean come on! I wish hey would have at least had more rebels to help them, or I don't know, WOOKIES like they originally planned to. If they had gone with wookies, we could have actually seen them in action as compared to the thirty seconds we saw them fight in episode III. I'm pretty sure they showed the entire wookie battle in the episode III trailer. Anyways, I digress, sure they were cute, but at least have them throw their spears through the storm troopers? I don't know...

Anyways, those are my thoughts, have i desecrated the beloved ending to the original trilogy?


What do you think? Am I speaking blasphemy?


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