ByAidan Patrick Case, writer at
I'm not a writer, so stop writing at me!

So by now everyone is excited about the new Star Wars (Episode VII) and all I can think is "why?". Remember the last time we were excited about a Star Wars movie? I do... I'll never forget the barrage of boring shots, nonsensical plot and The worst character in anything ever in the borderline war crime of a film that was the Phantom Menace (Episode I). Now it sounds like i'm bagging out the franchise because of the Prequels, don't get me wrong I love the originals I still love them to this day... BUT, this ain't 1977 it's 2015 and it's going to take more than nostalgia for me to see the movie. Everywhere I look people are lining up in droves (or drones more like) in anticipation for this new Star Wars and it becomes embarrassing... I get it, there are very dedicated fans out there but when there are countless people crying over the new Star Wars trailer I actually feel like this is the problem with movies today. We don't want something different, we want something familiar, we want Sequels, Reboots and Remakes... Why? Because if we like something we would like more of it whether it be a movie or food we don't want to loose our progression with the characters or plot but when we choose to see movies like the big budget action film Fast & Furious 7 rather than the independent horror film IT Follows because it's not more of the thing we liked then we as a race don't deserve movies. I'm not telling to not see Star Wars, hell i'll be one of the first ones to see it in my country I hope, but remember... it's only a movie and please for the love of god don't flock to the cinema just because it's got your favorite logo on it.


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