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Now, it's safe to say that this is not an overly new discussion. Especially in light of the new Daredevil series to be found on Netflix (which is pure amazingness by the way). Not to mention the fact that our new soon-to-be Batman is a former Daredevil himself.

So, the quintessential question is: Who would win in an all-out battle? The Bat, or the Devil?

Well, let's face it, the answer is simple: the Bat. While Daredevil is a semi-mutant, it's safe to assume that all Batman would need to bring to the table is a high-pitch sonic emitter, screwing around with Daredevil's ability to hear and VOILA! Endgame.

But what if we strip it all away?

No armour, no gadgetry, no additives to the mix. Just Bruce Wayne vs. Matt Murdoch in a fisticuffs street brawl. Who would win?

Well let us examine the fighters.

First up: Daredevil aka: MATT MURDOCH.

According to he is listed as:

6'0" in height and weighing in at 200lbs.

Murdoch possesses heightened senses that allow him to sense the world around him in a way that is even superior to human sight, which he lacks. To put it simply, there is nothing that happens around him that he does not know about.

His fighting style is a hodgepodge of styles which include ninjistu, boxing, street fighting and other various methods. It's safe to say that his tactics are about speed and agility, and an ability to take a beating. His father had always taught him "its not about how you hit the mat, but about how you get back up". He has often used the tactic of using himself as a punching bag to wear his opponent down. That being said: if his opponent manages to land a blow, they are either *that* good, or Murdoch allows the hit to happen.

Next up: The Batman - aka BRUCE WAYNE.

Standing at 6'2" and 210lbs, Mr.Wayne out-bulks Murdoch by some degree.

Bruce does not have the heightened senses of Murdoch, but does have a great deal more when it comes to his training. Like Murdoch, Wayne has trained in many various styles, but his difference is that he adjusts from one style to another, depending on circumstance. This was exquisitely demonstrated in "Batman Begins" when he switches from Tiger to Panther styles when training against Ra's Al Ghul.

Bruce is also a trained ninja. His technique is often to lurk in the shadows and ambush at the right moment. He is not an endurance fighter per-sé. At least not to the extent that Murdoch is. This was demonstrated in "The Dark Knight" when even fighting against a much physically weaker JOKER, and demonstrated again when fighting BANE.

In Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns", Bruce is proven to "fight smart" rather than "fight hard", and when fighting the "Head Mutant", Joker, and eventually Superman, his level of endurance is low. So he must rely on technique and tactic as well as timing. It is not uncommon for Batman to retreat from a beating in an attempt to come at his opponent from a different angle.

Having said all this, Bruce is proven to be a stronger hitter than Murdoch, as well as a smarter hitter. Where Murdoch would go all "Hail-Maker" on his opponent, Wayne would make sure his blows were landing in the right spots.

So who would win?

Marathon Matt Murdoch: the lighter, faster, more endurance based fighter with heightened senses?

Or Sprinter Bruce Wayne: the bigger, stronger, more technical and extremely more trained fighter?

In this writer's opinion, it would be a dead-heat between the pair.

If Murdoch could outlast and out-endure Wayne, he would be able to wear him down and eventually, after 13 rounds, come out on top.

That being said: if Wayne were able to land that one...crucial...blow... it would be all over for the Devil.


Who would win? The Bat, or the Devil?


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