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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

It's a question comic book fans everywhere have been asking themselves for ages. What would the Dc villains look like in the Marvel Universe? Dc villains are typically a lot more mature and darker than your typical Marvel villain. The villains in the Dc universe are so sinister and dark its almost scary, and in some instances they are. With the newly released Daredevil show on Netflix, they are taking a much more mature tone with it and it just has me wondering how great all of our other favorite Marvel superheros would be if they were in a mature setting apposed to....Dc villains?

Fans everywhere would rejoice

It is the age old battle of the comic Goliaths, Dc vs Marvel. Everyone has their own opinion, both have very different ways of going about their product and they both work. That's not what i'm here to talk about however. I'm here to pose a question, what if we took all of our favorite villains from the Dc universe and put them against our favorite marvel superheros? Its a thought that we will most likely never see on the big screen but lets just imagine. Imagine Spider-Man going up against The Joker. How absolutely epic that would be. While comic book crossovers are nothing new, they are rare but it has been done before. Lets really speculate for a moment, lets say Marvel begins to take off financially, even more than they are now, and proceeds to leave Dc in the dust. In order for Dc to stay relevant they approach Marvel pleading for a big screen crossover and BOOM! You have a Sinestro Vs Thor movie in the works. While of course this idea is purely imaginative, there is no denying the idea of a Dc and Marvel crossover film would be amazing.

Match-ups that would be Awesome!

You cant have a Dc/Marvel crossover without quality match-ups. Here are a few that i have always wanted to see since my childhood!

Daredevil vs Deathstroke

Daredevil, the enemy of all evil mercenaries. Deathstroke, the ultimate assassin. I can't think of any reason why this wouldn't be bad-ass. Deathstroke just strolls on into Hell's Kitchen and begins to wreak havoc. Daredevil of course does not take lightly of this and begins searching for the Vigilante. They battle it out in a way of epic proportions. This wouldn't be the first time Daredevil has faced a deadly mercenaries however. Deathstroke has a little bit of Punisher in him, a common enemy early on in Daredevil. I think this battle is a match made in comic heaven, Dc should make a call to Marvel and Netflix and implement this into the series.

Spider-Man and The Joker

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man vs...The Joker? Hell yeah, why not? Spider-Mans arch nemesis as we all know is the Green Goblin, Marvels equivalent to The Joker, while he is very evil and sick, The Joker really makes him look like a girl scout. The Joker would bring out a side in Peter Parker that has never been seen before, he would Really force him to question himself, much like Bruce Wayne has plenty of times before. Could you imagine The Joker running wild in Manhattan? Absolutely ridiculous, if only this could become a reality. This would change Peter Parker and Spider-Man for the rest of their existence, he has been through some very dark, twisted and disturbing situations, but The Joker will really make his life an absolute hell.

Storm vs Cheetah

Now, lets switch to some female crossover battles I would love to see. Storm vs Cheetah is something that I have always been interested in seeing. Now, I understand off the bat it seems a bit unfair, Storm is basically a god, but Cheetah has been battling Wonder Woman for years now so she is no pushover. They have two very clashing personalities, Cheetah talks a lot, with the sole intention to agitate her foes, Storm is very hushed unless you are able to get under her skin which Cheetah definitely has the ability to do. Storm has always been on of my favorite heroes and definitely my favorite female character, I think its a given that a battle with Cheetah would be very entertaining.

The Incredible Hulk Vs Solomon Grundy

This one is almost inevitable, you have the destructive green animal in The Hulk, and you have the zombie monster Solomon Grundy. Both are absolute beast's, easily capable of mass destruction in a matter of minutes. Solomon at his full power is one of the most destructive villains in all of comics and would be very much of a task for the hulk. This would be so fun to have up on the big screen, imagine seeing in its full CGI glory, Hulk Vs Solomon Grundy. The only questions that remains is, who would win?

Wolverine Vs Bane

I am a huge fan of both Wolverine and Bane alike. They are both beefed up bad asses. They both have incredible strength and fighting ability and while I have always enjoyed watching Bane battle it out with Bat-Man, I might enjoy a Wolverine battle a bit more. The action would be so intense, you have Wolverine attacking with those quick fast swipes, and Bane just attempting to overpower him in any way possible. Whether you are a fan of Wolverine, or a fan of Bane, or both, I think it is safe to say we would all enjoy seeing this in action one day.

Why do a cross-over?

There are three type of fans out there. You have the Marvel loyalist, the Dc loyalist and the majority like myself who enjoy both in their own different ways. While I have always had a special place in my heart for the heroes of the Marvel universe, that special place in my heart is also shared by the villains of the Dc universe. I have spent many days theorizing in my head who would win my favorite crossover battles, I could never come to any conclusions. I'm not campaigning for Dc and Marvel to team up and become one forever, but I think it would be good for both parties to do a cross-over film. It would mean a lot to comic book and movie fans like myself, it would bring the imaginations that we never thought were possible to life. This is why you do it, you do it for the fans, for the universes, you do it for the world.

Would you like a Dc/Marvel crossover film?

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as i have enjoyed writing it, I really put my thought out there with this one to share them with you, the readers. I would love to hear how you feel on the subject in the comments down below. Thank you and don't Forget to Follow for more great articles!


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