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I spend my time either reading too many books or watching too many series. Neither of those things are particularly bad. I mean, it's better than doing drugs, right? Sometimes I don't think so. TV series are like their own sort of drug, at least in my case. I get addicted. I get so caught up in the characters' stories, so enveloped in what's happening...It can't be healthy, I tell you.

From murder to mythological creatures to God himself, here's how [Supernatural](series:200506) changed how I view the world.


Light's flickering? To a normal person (i.e. someone who doesn't watch Supernatural), that means electrical issues. To me, it means salt.

While the average, and probably boring, person only looks at salt and sees...well, salt, I see a savior. Salt can save you from pretty much anything. It can at least keep it out. Of course, I'm not really sure if this works, but according to Supernatural, it's a real lifesaver and in this world of unknowns, everyone could use a little salt.


Sam and Dean have different priorities!
Sam and Dean have different priorities!

Whether or not you like pie is not the issue. The issue is that every time I hear the word 'pie,' I first think, Dang, I want some pie. But then I think of Dean Winchester. And if you don't do the same, then I think you've been watching the wrong show, my friends.

Classic Rock, specifically Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas

Everyone knows Dean Winchester loves his music (and loves to make fun of Sam's taste in music). When you're in the car and the radio is blasting some classic rock station, because let's face it: everyone has some taste for the classics, and they play that one song from that one Supernatural episode, your mind jumps back to Dean most likely. Especially if it's Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas. That song is basically the theme of the whole series.


Most people see a pentagram and either think nothing of it or probably think of Satan. At least in my experience. But when I see a pentagram, I see a Devil's Trap. And then I think how ironic it is that the one thing people so associate with the devil is the one thing that can trap demons. But whatever. It's a Supernatural thing, I guess.

Trench Coats

Castiel knows!
Castiel knows!

Oh, Castiel. You and your trench coat. Every time I see a trench coat, whether it be brown or black or effing fuchsia, I think of Cas. And then my mind turns to mush because of his adorableness.


Well, first of all, every time I hear the word 'Lucifer,' I think of Mark Pellegrino. So there's that. And just the way Supernatural explained Lucifer's story. I have so much empathy for him (at least in the show) and it's like I understand kind of why he did some of the things he did.

As for real life Lucifer (if there is one), I'm not sure if he's anything like Mark Pellegrino portrayed him to be, but I sure hope so.

Nicknames & Insults

Who needs the F word or the C word? Nah, here in the Supernatural fandom, we have words like 'ass-butt' and 'idjit' and 'mouth breathing dick monkey.' And we can't forget 'jerk' and 'bitch.'

These are some of the ways Supernatural has changed how I view the regular, everyday world. What are some of the ways it's impacted yours?


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