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Collins Vincent

Actress Rose Bryne has decided to team with Gracie Otto, Krew Boylan,Shannon Murphy,and Jessica Carrera to start an all-female film production company to support Australian woman in the film industry.The company name has been dubbed with the title "the Doll house Collective".

Byrne believes that it is about time that they become more prominent leaders in film by taking this new approach.

Byrne says that when the Bridesmaid movie came out. People initially reacted by wondering how it was possible for women to be so funny? Byrne says her goal is to ultimately to bring more Gender equality to the film industry in general.

Byrne also says that the ball is already rolling and that she is set to become executive producer of the company and is preparing fora role in a film called "seriously red" which will be produced by by the company.Byrne has big plans for the company and see's it as a meaningful venture.

Overall it seems interesting that Byrne is taking the initiative with this bold idea and it could turn out to be an interesting Pursuit. The climate of films and the film industry has changed quite a bit but there are still obstacles that have yet to be overcome.Despite the reasoning behind this idea there has already been discussion about this project that brands it as Misandry and an act of gender division. The film industry has always been a battleground for genders and equality among men and women such as salary,roles, as well as proper representation and it looks as though the tradition may continue.In any event, it is simply best to wait and see what this company is trying to do before jumping to conclusions.


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