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Al Peck

DAY 15 : I did not watch anything on netflix today I got distracted with something on foxtel another Australian pay tv provider

DAY 16 : I watched some more power rangers zeo (yeah the call of the Rangers is strong) and then I watched some Fawlty towers. an awesome old british comedy show.

DAY 17 : I started watching Daredevil. I have to say its extremely dark not that I am complaining

DAY 18 : I continued to watch Daredevil

DAY 19 : I continued my Daredevil binge

DAY 20 : went and saw avengers age of ultron sure its not on Netflix but it's the freaking avengers came home and watched nothing.

DAY 21 : I finished watching Daredevil bring on season 2, I think Netflix has stopped judging me and I should be able to go back to power rangers wish me luck

so at the end of week 3 of netflix I am still watching it but not as much as I was when I first got it, I mean there are shows that I want to watch but I keep on looking for things that are not on my list to watch, I will aim on cleaning out my to watch list this coming week.


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