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I am just some grafomanical nerd that loves comics, fantasy and scifi and a lot of more...

Hi my name is Martin and now I´m gona show you 10 reasons why to go to the cinema to watch Star Wars:The Force Awakens

Reason 1

There will be some heroes from other epizodes.It´s gona be Han Solo,Chewbacca,Luke Skywalker,Leia,R2-D2,C-3PO and Stormtroopers.And some new heroes like sith Inquisitor and more.We gona see some new planets with new animals.

Reason 2

Creator is J.J.Abrams.He made Star Trek and Star Trek:Into darkness and I think that movies are such cool.With good story,awesome effects and good actors.And he could do somde really cool scenes like fight of two ships in Star Trek:into darkness.

Reason 3

It´s not prequel like Star Wars:Phantom menace,Attack of the clones,Revange of the Sith.Ït´s begining after the Return of the Jedi.And It won´t be only about Darth Vader´s childhood and his changing to Sith.And It won´t be lovestory like second and third prequel.

Reason 4

It´s STAR WARS.It could be bad but is our duty to go to the cinema and see it.

Write me your opinion to comments.:-)



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