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Walt Disney has been on a roll lately, there have been a few bumps in the road but they almost always reach their destination. With the success of 2014's Big Hero 6 it seems like the perfect time to bring another group of young heroes to the big screen. Power Pack is one of the lesser known properties of Marvel and they have yet to do anything with it besides letting the characters rest on the many pages of their comic books. Big Hero 6 opened the door for this to happen and now is the time to take a lesser known superhero property and turn it into a successful animated blockbuster that won't just be geared toward kids, but also comic book fans young and old.

Power pack is focused Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie. Four normal kids with a scientist father who discovered a new power source that was potentially dangerous. Later on an alien known as Aelfrye Whitmane crash lands in the kids back yard, They investigate and meet him. He explains how his home planet was destroyed by the same device their father was tinkering with. He also tells them that he was being pursued by a race of aliens known as the Zn'rx who have acquired the device for their own destructive ends. Aelfrye tells the children that his species has control over fundamental forces, and that these abilities could be passed down and proceeded to split the powers evenly between all four of them.They later took on the code names of Zero-G, Mass Master, Light-speed,and Energizer. They later used their powers to rescue their parents and defeat the snarks. From then on they became known as Power Pack and cemented themselves as the youngest new members of the superhero community.

Power Pack has an interesting team dynamic since they are all related and since their youngest member is the most powerful. Power Pack could find the same appeal among kids that Big hero 6 had since it depicts young people transitioning into heroic roles as well as emphasizing the focus on family and teamwork. Power Pack might even be more interesting than big hero 6 since they actually have superpowers and don't rely on technology to give them their abilities. Power Pack does have science fiction elements and is alot like E.T. meets power rangers since kids befriend a dying alien who has put the fate of the world in their hands.

Power Pack has been mentioned as one of the properties that Marvel hopes to adapt into some kind of new medium whether it's a movie or cartoon. Marketing power pack would come down to focusing on the science fiction aspects while effectively advertising it as a family friendly adventure. If power pack can make it to the big screen and do just as well, if not better than Big hero 6 then Marvel might start tapping into its more obscure properties, The ones that very few people even know exist. At the end of the day the power to make this happen is in Marvel and Disney's hands. Fans can only speculate and try to bring the idea to their attention.


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