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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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It's been 81 years since the first purported sighting of the Loch Ness Monster, and now tech giant Google have joined in the search.

For April 21st, Google's icon is Nessie-themed, but they haven't stopped there: Google Street View has enrolled experts, divers and locals in the area to photograph and investigate the Loch Ness and its secrets.

The exciting part? Google have already found what seems like a Nessie suspect!

Image: Google via The Telegraph
Image: Google via The Telegraph

Although the image is blurry, it's thrilling to see something even remotely viable this early in the investigation.

Check out some of the best Loch Ness Monster photos ever...

1. Tom Pickles, 2015

Pickles described the creature as moving in a rippling, smooth motion.

2. George Edwards, 2012

Official verdict: FAKE - a fibreglass hump

3. 1970s, Frank Searle

A compelling elongated neck or a log on the water?

4. Peter Jolly, 2005

This is the classic Nessie shape, so is unlikely to be a mistaken sighting. It's either real or an outright fake.

5. Dinosaur-like creature, 1974

As a Jurassic Park fan, this photo is pretty awesome!

6. Gordon Holmes, 2007

... this does kind of look like a seal.

7. Apple Maps Satellite, 2014

Experts have analysed this photo for over 6 months and the results are still inconclusive.

Non-believers think that all the Nessie sightings are either deliberate fakes, or mistaken sightings of giant sturgeons, eels, seals, logs and submarines... where do you stand?

Kids of a certain generation will always think of Nessie like this...

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