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I know what you're think. I'm crazy right? But really, this actually makes some sense if you stretch your imagination a little.

In the teaser trailer Star Wars Episode 7 that was released last December, we were (albeit briefly), introduced to a majestic, awesome looking Sith villain, with a very controversial lightsaber, having a stroll through a snowy forest.

Controversial Lightsaber...
Controversial Lightsaber...

In the latest trailer for Star Wars Episode 7, released last week, we finally got a good look at the new villain, and he delivered. We got some good action shots of him doing a force push/choke, as well as ignite/slice clip, all with a good view of his mask.

Mask and all..
Mask and all..

Now, why might these two very similar Sith villains be two different people? here's why:

1. The Lightsaber

As we saw in the first teaser trailer, his lightsaber seemed very homemade, with the blade not as clean-looking as any other lightsaber we've seen.

In the more recent trailer, however, we see him at a good angle, with a far more perfectly formed lightsaber blade. Coincidence? I think not.

2. The Mask

The first teaser trailer did not reveal his face. It showed him purely from the back, in tattered robes (which I'll get onto), and with a particularly venomous stride, as if he's on the hunt.

The latest trailer reveals his mask, and it is beautiful. Reminiscent of Revan's, with golden emblems around the eye slit. Concept art also shows that the back of the mask is very like Darth Vader's.

3. Attire

The teaser trailer shows Ren in tattered robes, perhaps after a battle, or during. In the more recent depiction of him, we see him in robes that seem far more polished and nice, if you get my meaning.

4. Location

In our first glimpse of him, we see him striding through a snowy/ash strewn forest on an unknown planet. More recently, his background tells us that he is on a more heated planet, as we see lava behind him, as well as stormtroopers.

I admit it, this theory is highly unlikely. However, it strikes me as a valid explanation as to why he appears better in the newest Star Wars Episode 7 trailer.

Another explanation of this would be that what we see of him is, in fact, a flashback of some sort (maybe he battles Luke at some point?), and then becomes obsessed with becoming the most powerful Sith ever, and believes the artifacts will aid him, and thus gain enough power to defeat Luke.

Another one of my theories is that Kylo Ren is Luke (thus my choice of cover image). Pretty crazy right?


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