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Top Hollywood Scary films List: ‘Scary’ is one such genre which should be attempted only when you know how to scare the audience. This isn’t easy. There have been the scariest moment in a movie or the most fearful experience in a theater or at home, while watching the film. Take a look at the movies, which gave goose bumps to the audience and also gave them nightmares. All the movies in the list are listed in top Hollywood Hits movies of all time.

A list of scary movies to watch with your girlfriend

• Conjuring

James Wan directed this movie, and is about the supernatural phenomenon, which lead to the history of the house in which the couple live in. when its dark, paranormal activities begin in the premises. Thus, ghost busters (not the cartoon characters) are called. This becomes a part of the top scary movies of Hollywood.

• Contracted

Among the top horror movies of Hollywood movies is this movie. Samantha is raped by a stranger after being drugged. The very next day she finds that her body is acting weird and the signs of rape are increasing all over her body. The effect lead to horror like effect, thus scaring the people watching it.

• Curse of Chucky

This is the sequel to the same franchise. Charles Lee Ray is again on a hunting spree to kill people, with his doll. This movie gives chills in the spine of the person watching it.

• Dark Touch

Niamh is a girl with troubles in her mind. She has the ability to turn the furniture and do violent acts. The girl doesn’t know that such things are happening in the house, because of her. Ever heard such a thing? No right, then why shouldn’t this be counted in the top horror movies of Hollywood.

• Evil Dead

This is a remake of the original movie which was done pretty well by Fede Alvarez. Mia is played by Jane Levy, serves as the final girl as well as the demon. This is one of the most horrific film ever made.

• Maniac

This movie had controversies because of its huge violence and the content it was portraying. Frank Zito is a psychopath who scalps women to costume his mannequins. The way the deaths and other killings are done, the film experience gives a horror feeling.

• Stitches

This is the best clown horror story. Stitches, a clown is on a killing spree after it his offended in a birthday part of children. In one such scene he makes balloon animals with the intestines, which becomes a horrifying memory for anyone who watches it.

• The Exorcist

This movie appears in any list which talks about horror stories. There are some of the scenes which makes the whole movie watching experience unbearable. It is believed that many people have not seen the whole movie.

• The Lords of Salem

This is a movie similar to Rob Zombie’s, Rosemary’s Baby. The drug addict, Heidi is possessed by a witch and the movie becomes horrifying after the incident.


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