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I recently finished binge watching [Community](series:714858) and I must say, I am in love with the show. I won't quite go into what I like about it just yet but I can say, it's really, really good. So good that it has made me conflicted with my current favourite show, [The Big Bang Theory](series:200751). This post will not just clarify what show is better to you, but to me.

The Setting

The Big Bang Theory is set in Pasadena California. The major locations on the show are the cast's houses/apartments and the Caltech University. Multiple locations allow for diversity in storylines and character development.

Community is set in Greendale Community College in Colorado. While the show rarely goes off location, this allows for big sets and a diverse environment. This is a tough call, I have to admit that the rooms on Community feel a lot bigger and allow for more movement and humour.

Point - Community

The Premise

Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper are physicists at a university who hang out with co-workers Howard Wolowitz and Rajesh Koothrapali. Everything changes when Penny (last name still not revealed, the show doesn't have it as a running gag so it doesn't really work) moves into their apartment and Leonard makes it his mission to woe her.

This show follows the cast's various misadventures through love, careers and life as they grow as people. The stories are quite creative and put the characters in very humorous scenarios that snugly fit their characters.

Jeff Winger is a smart-talking lawyer who was fired after his phony degree was exposed. He is forced to attend a Community College to regain his degree. In an attempt seduce the attractive blonde Britta Perry, he sets up a phony study group for Spanish. Things get out of hand when Britta invites five others to the study group.

Annie Edison is an ex-drug addict and an eccentric control freak, Shirley Bennett is an extremely pious housewife who had her life taken away when her husband left her, Pierce Hawthorne is a politically incorrect elderly person who is wasting his life away at a Community College he has been attending for over a decade, Troy Barnes attended high school with Annie, has an immature personality and is an ex-quarterback who sabotaged his football career after being overwhelmed, Abed Nadir is an Aspergian who takes comfort in comparing life to television and often breaks the fourth wall.

The Big Bang Theory is quite creative with having four different types of nerds and an under averagely intelligent woman to balance out the cast. What I like about Community is how diverse the cast is and yet it seems to have flawless chemistry. The different personalities compliment each other well and open the opportunity for more creative stories.

Point - Community

The Iconic Character

Every show has their most beloved character. For The Big Bang Theory, it's Sheldon Cooper. It is speculated that he too has Aspergers Syndromes and has dedicated his life to keeping his entire life on a schedule. He even has a spot on the couch that is forbidden for everyone else to sit on. Sheldon's insane mannerisms often annoy the people around him and has caused him to go on some pretty crazy adventures. Just don't give him alcohol.

Abed Nadir is almost like Community's secret weapon. It's almost like he's watching the show with you. Although he doesn't know he's on a tv show, he definitely talks like he is. He picks up on clichés like bottle episodes. He makes Community's crazy episodes even more crazier. Without him, we would not have the fan favourite episodes like Remedial Chaos Theory and Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas.

When you want a laugh, Sheldon is the guy. There will be times where he will make you laugh your ass off. Abed is a really entertaining character, creating a whole new way of looking at television. Neither show would be the same without these iconic characters. But honestly, I can think of more times Sheldon has made me laugh than Abed. It's definitely really close.

Point - The Big Bang Theory

The Relationships

Leonard is in an on-again/off-again relationship with Penny, Sheldon is in a frigid relationship with Amy, Howard is married to Bernadette and Raj finds himself jumping between various, failing relationships (although there is some hope for Emily). This show establishes relationships and builds them upon seasons of stories and develops them at a steady pace.

Community's relationships are all over the place. The sexual tension between Jeff and Britta is essentially what started the show but we are yet to see this relationship come full circle. Jeff has an on-again/off-again fling with Annie who remains persistent with her feelings. Annie had feelings for Troy in high school but they appear to be over. Annie also had a thing with Abed during the second Paintball special. Troy and Britta have a thing for each other that has never blossomed into a relationship.

The Big Bang Theory actually takes the relationships somewhere while Community has the Study Group's feelings as a running gag. TBBT is full of heart-warming episodes that focuses on developing these important relationships.

Point - The Big Bang Theory

The Latest Seasons

Let's face it, these shows are not the juggernauts they used to be but one of these shows had to come on top when the smoke cleared. Instead of wackier plotlines and more streamlined episodes, The Big Bang Theory now focuses on developing the relationships and having regularly up to three stories per episode. While the episodes often feel quite clustered, I do admire the way they are taking the relationships. I also get to see Sheldon in a whole new light.

I have to admit, something is wrong with Community episodes. It feels like the cast is just dropping one by one. Pierce, Troy and Shirley have left the show and it's probably only a matter of time for everyone else to go. The show has reverted back to the days of Season 1 with more normal storylines. Only now with less characters and lack of freshness.

Point - The Big Bang Theory

The Cameos

The cameos, so many cameos. Stan Lee, Wil Wheaton, LeVar Burton, Brent Spiner, Neil deGrasse Tyson, James Earle Jones, Carrie Fisher, Summer Glau, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, Katee Sackhoff, Kevin Smith, Nathan Fillion and some people from America's Next Top Model who I don't really care about. If you're going to have a show full of geeks, fill the show with lots of cameos.

Community is no stranger to cameos. They have cameos and they know how to do them. Luis Guzman, Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Hal from Screen Junkies, Giancarlo Esposito (Two-Face from Breaking Bad), Jonathan Banks (Grumpy guy from Breaking Bad), Vince Gilligan (The creator of Breaking Bad, George Costanza, John Goodman and hey, what do you know, LeVar Burton!

The Big Bang Theory cameos all play themselves and work well with the show's narrative. While having surprise cameos from Community, they just don't have a pay-off in the long run.

Point - The Big Bang Theory

Bonus point to Community for having awesome episodes like Modern Warfare, Epidemiology, Cooperative Calligraphy, Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas, Advanced Dungeons And Dragons, Paradigms Of Human Memory, Remedial Chaos Theory and Horror Fiction In Seven Spooky Steps. A lot of episodes.

It was a very close call but The Big Bang Theory won 4 - 3. There probably other factors that make these shows great that I have forgotten about. Don't be mistaken, I love these shows almost the same. This post just helped me clarify which one I liked better.


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