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Although the fans have confirmed it season after season, a recent Walking Dead panel screening held at the Egyptian theater has confirm that as much as Rick Grimes is a beloved character on the screen, Andrew Lincoln, the man behind Grimes, is even more loved by the cast behind-the-scenes!

The panel screening was held as part of AMC's Emmy push and included series and comic creator Robert Kirkman, producers and directors Scott Gimple and Greg Nicotero, as well as Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Danai Gurira, Melissa McBride, Chad Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Michael Cudlitz! Talk about a star-studded event!

Throughout the event the cast and crew chatted about their love for the show and their co-workers, in particular Andrew Lincoln, and of course shared plenty of laughs as they reflected on Season 5, a season which has undoubtedly been one of its best.

Whilst talking about the numerous cast deaths we saw over Season 5, Lincoln spoke out about the prospect of characters being killed off in a way that may upset many die-hard Rick fans:

It is inevitable that we’re all gonna get it at some point and the manner in which you deal with that is the mark of who you are. When I watched [Chad Coleman who played Tyreese] in that episode, it was extraordinary. He gave an acting performance that was like a master class… And of course we’re all gonna get it, but there’s this culture on the show, and I think it’s unique, that as long as it serves the story, none of us mind.

Eeek! While the brutal and emotional character deaths on the show are part of what makes it so very interesting, I definitely think there will be a few rustled feathers if, or when, Rick is killed off. Thankfully Lincoln quickly added:

But don’t get me wrong, if they kill me off I’m gonna burn my trailer down.

Hell yes, justice for Rick!

Show runner and executive producer Scott Gimple, and Tyreese - a.k.a. Chad Coleman spoke about how much of an awesome dude Andrew Lincoln is, sharing anecdotes about their time with him, with Gimple saying:

It really takes your breath away to see how the actors support each other. And of course, the ultimate compliment is that Andy will pull me aside and say ‘I don’t think we should kill him, he’s a really good actor'.

And Chad Coleman then chipped in with his own story of a time during filming when he got a voicemail from Lincoln:

I’m thinking ‘who’s on the phone to leave me this in-depth message’ to just say how much he appreciates everything I do on the show. That’s Andy Lincoln.

What a sweet guy! He seriously sounds like the ideal workmate.

Other nuggets of info from the panel were that Danai Gurira (Michonne) who confirmed that her three favorite episodes were the pilot, Season 3 episode "Clear" (when Rick, Carl and Michonne meet up with Morgan), and Season 5, episode 9 "What Happened and What's Going On" which was Tyreese's death episode. Meanwhile, Andrew Lincoln revealed that if he didn't play Rick Grimes he'd like to have played Hershel "because he's cool as shit," though he did also jokingly add that he'd also want to play Daryl because he didn't have as many lines, and mostly brooded.

Hopefully there are even more of these panels and events during the shows long hiatus before it starts again with Season 6 premiering in October, though for all those dedicated Deadheads out there, you can look forward to Season 1 of [Fear the Walking Dead](series:1117438) which will begin sometime over summer.

Source: Deadline


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