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After almost a whole season of The Flash, and close to three season of Arrow, you'd be forgiven for thinking that The CW has already maxed out its DC Comic-book adaptation quota for the decade. After all, two shows in such a similar vein are a tough ask for a network to program - but three? Surely that'd be a step too far?

Well, it seems that nobody told that to The CW, as its plans to produce a further spin-off within the 'Arrowverse' are very much still under way - which...actually makes a whole lot of sense, considering the fact that both Arrow and (especially) The Flash have managed to so far hit the sweet spot over-lapping geeky fan-service and widespread audience-appeal.

The big news today, though?

The Spin-Off Has a Name-O

And it's...not exactly what we were expecting. According to Variety, which seems to have inadvertently leaked the show's new title within an un-related article, our next favorite DC series is set to be called...

Legends of Tomorrow an interesting choice. For one thing, it eschews the up-till-now extremely successful use of a main characters name in the title, which is inevitably a risk. On the other hand, though, it seems to suggest that what we'll be seeing is a less solo-focused show, as has recently been hinted, with an emphasis on a far wider selection of less-famous DC heroes than we've seen up till now.

Of course, the name could also simply be a working title, with a final reveal still to come - but in the meantime, the base idea sounds pretty darned fantastic - the only lingering question being whether or not it can come close to matching the ratings success of its predecessors. That very much remains to be seen - but the smart money likely wouldn't bet against it...

What do you reckon, though?



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