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Now, there was a lot to love about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's first full teaser trailer - not least the fact that we can now watch it in HD over and over again, whenever we so choose - but that doesn't mean it's absolutely perfect. After all, there's still a whole lot of stuff we didn't see, a situation which can only go un-rectified for so long. Our new Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, is a fine example - as is a large chunk of the supporting cast - but there's one big thing (that the trailer only hinted at) that we want to see, perhaps more than anything else: Batman's new Batsuit, clear, in full, and unadulterated.

Which sadly, this here trailer only sort of shows us:

Now, though, we finally have that unobstructed, front-on, only-moderately-shadowy look we've been waiting for - all thanks to director Zack Snyder's love of posting awesome images on Twitter:

Which... may actually be the coolest Batman related thing we're going to see all week.

Though, as I write that, I'm suddenly acutely aware of how easily that could prove completely (and awesomely) untrue.

Go on, Zack - prove me wrong... I double Dark Knight dare ya!

What do you think, though?

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