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We have all seen him lose his clothes in Magic Mike, and now it seems that actor Channing Tatum has lost another of his possessions.

Over the weekend, he left his bag in a New York city taxi in Times Square. Naturally, losing your things happens to the best of us, yet whilst most of the time we are forced to accept the terrible fate of never getting what it was back, it seems that Channing thought otherwise.

Immediately after realizing how silly he was to leave his personal belongings in a taxi, he took to Twitter to ask his fans for help:

In case people thought he was joking, and probably as a result of rising stress levels, he posted again twenty minutes later, providing email contact details in case his bag was found:

And amazingly, his plea for help worked!

The power of the Internet is incredible, isn't it? Or perhaps Channing just has some of the best fans in the world.

A similar thing happened to his Foxcatcher co-star Mark Ruffalo, who was also graced with an instance of another stranger's common decency.

Last summer, the actor left his wallet in a taxi and another Twitter user returned it to him:

Watch them both in action in the Foxcatcher trailer below:



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