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I must admit, I hate when I’m snookered by a film; and that’s exactly what happened when I watched THE SISTERHOOD OF NIGHT.

Publicity material promoted the movie as a modern day witch trial centered on a group of young women who cavort into the woods in the wee hours of the night to perform unthinkable rituals and conjure demonic spirits.

I was expecting a horror tale in the vein of THE CRAFT. What I watched was basically a coming of age chick flick. I should have known. Everyone involved with this film is a woman. In fact, the DVD was dripping with estrogen when I removed it from the case. I am generally not a fan of women driven films. At this time, they simply do not have the panache of their male counterparts.

THE SISTERHOOD OF NIGHT concerns a group of outcast girls who form a special bond. Their clique captures the imagination of the other girls in the school and soon the outcasts are now very cool. As the clique grows in popularity, those girls not admitted to the group begin a slander campaign against its members via social media. Soon, the parents are involved as rumors of witchcraft and sex orgies begin to circulate through the small town of Kingston, NY.

THE SISTERHOOD OF NIGHT is based off the short story by Steven Millhauser. Screenwriter Marilyn Fu read the story simultaneously with sorting through her personal memorabilia from high school. She adapted the script from the original theme of the Salem witch trials to bullying on social media, and the plot for the story was formed. Fu approached Director Caryn Waechter with the script. Like a juicy bit of gossip, the idea of making the film quickly spread among a group of women in film who all thought they were misunderstood in high school. Bingo - movie. It’s not that THE SISTERHOOD OF NIGHT is bad. It’s not; it just belongs on Lifetime, or OWN where full-blooded males can easily ignore it.

Georgie Henley stars as Mary Warren, the girl who creates the Sisterhood and who alone knows the origin of its deep dark secret. She is quite good in the role. She is able to convey in facial expressions what Kristen Stewart can only dream of doing. Her antagonist is Emily Parris, played by Kara Hayward. Parris is the girl who must be in the most popular groups as part of her acceptance. When denied membership in the Sisterhood, she strikes back with a vengeance. The film also stars Willa Cuthrell, Olivia DeJonge and Kal Penn, who seriously has to be one of the worst high school counselors ever.

SISTERHOOD OF THE NIGHT is now available on VOD and home video. Realize, before ordering, it is a chick flick, and not the horror film alluded to in PR material and trailers. It makes for fine viewing if young teenage girls are present.


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