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We're mercifully only a little over a month away from the June 4 premier of Hannibal Season 2. The show just finished shooting the third season and there are still bits and pieces of news to pick up on as Hannibal wraps production. And fans of Hannibal's first season and the spooky and creepy style of horror that Hannibal thrives on will be happy to hear the new episode director news.

A Fan Favorite Hannibal Director

The producers and fans of Hannibal have been trying for a while now to bring Guillermo del Toro over to direct an episode of Hannibal. And there's always been a good chance that the show might be able to nab him if for no other reason than his longtime collaborator and cinematographer Guillermo Navarro directed three amazing episodes of Hannibal's first season.

Behind the scenes of Hannibal episode Trou Normand.
Behind the scenes of Hannibal episode Trou Normand.

If you are still haunted by the images from the first season episodes of "Coquilles" (episode 5), with the victims getting mutilated to be given "angel wings", and "Trou Normand" (episode 9), with the memorable human totem pole, you have Guillermo Navarro to thank for the nightmares. So it's comforting to know that the director, who had to sit out season two due to his busy schedule, will be able to manufacture more horrific imagery for Hannibal Season 3.

Extraordinary Hannibal Intensity

Guillermo Navarro has directed three more episodes for the third season of Hannibal. Episodes 5, 10 and 12 will be helmed by the gothic visual genius - with episode 12 being the penultimate episode of the season. When he talked about what to expect from these episodes, the director naturally remained vague but had this to say (translated via Latin Times):

“The story has grown enormously, and in the case of the episodes that I’m directing, the intensity will be extraordinary, the expectation to find out what’s about to happen next is guaranteed.”

From what we know so far about the structure of Hannibal's third season - episode 5 will be in the middle of the first half's European adventure as Will Graham is tracking down Hannibal after he fled following the massacre at the end of season 2. Beginning with episode 8, entitled "The Great Red Dragon" Hannibal Season 3 will begin to tell the tale of Francis Dolarhyde.

Hannibal Season 3 & The Red Dragon

For those who don't know - this character was at the center of the Hannibal's source material, the Thomas Harris book "Red Dragon". The title refers to the William Blake Red Dragon paintings that serial killer Francis Dolarhyde is obsessed with. There are four paintings in this series but Dolarhyde seemed to have a particular fascination with "The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun".

Beware of possible Hannibal Season 3 Spoilers below!

Francis Dolarhyde is so obsessed with the painting that he wants to become the central figure - the Great Red Dragon, a hugely muscular devil-like character who is standing dominant over a bright yellow woman. To do this, he believes he needs to kill people, or "change" them, and he will in turn be closer and closer to changing into the Great Red Dragon. He gets the nickname The Tooth Fairy due to his habit of biting the victims. Yes, Francis Dolarhyde is indeed one disturbed individual.

The Red Dragon inspiration for Francis Dolarhyde.
The Red Dragon inspiration for Francis Dolarhyde.

In the Red Dragon book, Francis Dolarhyde worked at a film processing business that granted him access to the home movies of families that he would study - learning the best way to break into these homes and kill the families. This detail is eventually how Will Graham is able to track this killer down. So far it is unknown what kind of profession Dolarhyde will have in Hannibal Season 3 given that home movies don't require film processing any more.

How the second half of Hannibal Season 3 will deviate from the source material is the big question and the playfulness that Hannibal has had with these characters over the past two seasons is what keeps fans entertained and guessing. Will Hannibal Lecter be locked up and behind glass for the second part of the season? With Will Graham being married during this second half and Francis Dolarhyde's girlfriend being cast - it seems like the pieces are in place for a pretty faithful adaptation - we'll have to wait and see!

What do you think? Are you excited for the new season of [Hannibal](series:721010)? What are you hoping will happen between Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter and Francis Dolarhyde? Jot down your fan fiction in the comments section below!


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