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Thought I would do a little article on my home town - Huddersfield.

Huddersfield is located upon the Pennine hills in West Yorkshire England. It is bigger than almost half the cities in the UK, not to mention my home town really isn't a tourist spot, it isn't mentioned in any tourist guides.

I have lived here most of my life and have grown up listening to spooky stories being told about such places as Tolson Museum and the high likely hood that Robin Hood's grave is supposedly located at Kirklees Priory.

As a child I used to think our local cemetery was haunted, (well who wouldn't think a cemetery is haunted?) as I grew a little older I learned that many centuries ago, with the opening of a new graveyard/cemetery the people would choose a person to sacrifice as Guardian of the cemetery, it is both scary and fascinating.

First up is The railway station, located on St George's square, it is an amazing example of Victorian architecture and the poet John Betjeman described it as - "A stately home with trains."

The building is supposedly haunted by a porter by the name of Jonah Marr, he was despised by his fellow workers due to his attitude. Somehow he was always able to get bigger tips than the other porters, so when one day he fell onto the tracks breaking both his legs, his fellow porters were in no hurry to help him. His legs never set properly, rendering him unable to work, Marr died shortly afterwards, at around 11.25am, (the time of his accident), staff noted they could hear malevolent laughter, followed by nipping and pushing. It is attributed to Marr.

Tolson Museum, pic from Wikipedia
Tolson Museum, pic from Wikipedia

I have always found Tolson Museum a little spooky, it makes my hair stand on end and you get the odd feeling that no matter where you go, eyes are watching you, not to mention I never want to be left alone in any of the rooms.

It was originally a natural history museum, the museum is housed in a Victorian mansion in Knowle park, located on Wakefield road. The place was given to the town in memory of two brothers who were killed during World War 1.

The place is run by Kirklees council and houses a wide range and variety of exhibits related to the area's industrial and cultural history.

Although I haven't been to the museum for a long time, it wouldn't shock me that you still get that odd feeling.

Now onto Castle Hill, this is a very comforting place for me as I spent plenty of Summer holidays running in and around the place. It is of course situated high, the castle tower was built for Queen Victoria's Diamond jubilee, it's the hill fort itself we are interested in.

By the way I even spent a few winter's up there sledging, my cousin sledged down on a bin bag and instead of stopping at the bottom, he continued on crashing into a tree, when it came to my turn I point blank refused.

Castle Hill, Almondbury.
Castle Hill, Almondbury.

It rises almost 1000ft aloft of Huddersfield, (you get some spectacular views.) the Jubilee tower sits high and mighty looking down and out over Huddersfield and beyond.

Over the many thousands of years, this Iron age hill fort has been used by many but it is what may lurk there that I am interested in. Some say a dragon lives under the hill fort, guarding a treasure trove of gold and will not hesitate to stop you from escaping it's jaws. Another tale is that the devil himself lives underneath the fort in a complex weave of underground tunnels, having jumped from Scar top at Netherton which is located two miles from Castle Hill.

Some have even suggested this place was the stronghold of Cartimandua, Queen of some tribe, some people even say this is the setting for Camelot and King Arthur's realm.

So, whether you are a fan of ghosts, spooky things or not, you have to admit, it is interesting to think that maybe, just maybe there is life beyond death. Or perhaps we shall never know, for no-one comes back from the dead to enlighten us, or do they?


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