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Sam Keller

After finishing the 1st season of Daredevil, I am wowed by the making a good live action adaptation of a badass comic character and how the show shares the same continuity as movies like Guardians of the Galaxy. Personally, I think every other person producing something for the MCU, and superheroes in general can learn from this show. Not that every superhero show has to be dark, but it doesn't have to be overly silly either. The lesson to be learned is that it didn't try so hard to be dark. They made the serious moments dark with whatever music and lighting, but used humor when it was appropriate. They let the plot unravel itself naturally, not force feeding the Robert Downey jokes in Iron Man 3, but didn't come with these brooding that it's annoying with Man of Steel or even the recent Batman v. Superman trailer. It's like the wannabe class clown. Yes, he's outlandish, but it's the guy that may look normal, but after talking to him, you really find him interesting and like hanging out with him. The class clown's jokes got real old real fast.


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