ByEgon Mildenberg, writer at

Fellow gamers unite! Do you take pride in your big screen TV? Do you have games lined up wall to wall? Is your La-Z-Boy the centre of your me-cave? No, me neither, but I do take pride in my little corner of gaming heaven. And I think it's high time we shared that pride as a community.

As such, we have decided to hold a little contest so you can show us just how magnificent your gaming setup really is. Do you have an amazing PC rig? Do you surround your Wii U with every Amiibo under the sun? However you have carved out a little piece of the world for your gaming pleasure, let us know!

We will award a prize to the most impressive setup as well as to the one that reminds us of our own humble beginnings, so everyone stands a chance! And just so you get an idea of what we are rocking in the office here, check the video below:

How to Enter:

  • Take a picture or a video of your gaming setup
  • Post it in an article on Moviepilot and describe your setup to us
  • Tag it with Contest and link it in the comments section of this article
  • Open worldwide, so everyone can join!
  • Articles must be submitted by Sunday 26th of April, 2015. 12PM ET.


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