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I am not embarrassed to admit it; I have The Goofy Movie's soundtrack in my iTunes. And yes, I am in my mid-twenties and I still jam to PowerLine every so often when the mood strikes. No shame whatsoever.

If we listen to each other's heart
If we listen to each other's heart

And yes, I still remember Goofy's dance moves to this song, also known as "The Perfect Cast." Who knew a skill in fishing could be so useful when performing with an internationally known pop star?

In light of The Goofy Movie turning 20 -years-old, a Redditor known as wimminswimmin re-watched it and noticed what could be a well-hidden dick joke. It might be a bit of a stretch, but knowing that Disney has a rather dirty side makes this theory very, very possible.

Watch the scene from the film below. Notice anything funny?

In case it didn't register immediately, we see Goofy and Max in this clip running for their lives from Bigfoot. As they watch from the safety of their car, they see Bigfoot shuffling through their items as a pair of underwear lands atop his head.

He quickly peeks through the flap of the underwear and resumes his rummaging. Below is a still of this wonderfully silly moment.

Big Foot, the famous monster, is seen taking a gander around with his one eye peering through Goofy's underwear, meaning we are looking directly at a giant, hairy, one-eyed monster.

Goofy's ginormous, hairy, one-eyed monster, as the underwear does belong to him. Perhaps the dirty birdies at Disney meant this as a reference to Goofy's downstairs region and decided to subtly stick it in.

Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

While this could be a stretch, another part of me thinks that I wouldn't put it past them. Disney has a reputation for leaving inappropriate gems scattered throughout their movies.

Below are a few examples of times perverted Disney slyly popped a few boners into their work. I know, I know. Again, had to do it.

One tower on the castle looks too phallic to be innocent.

So subtle, but also so obvious.

Disney claims the priest's bulge is just his bent knee. But we know better.

After Hercules defeats the River Guardian, he throws a horseshoe at the penis-shaped bump on his head, which follows with his eyebrows forming into a pair of balls. This is just too much of a coincidence.

Judging off their work from the past, perhaps, just perhaps, dirty Disney strikes again!

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