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Barry York owns a 2,500-acre ranch about 135 miles east of Johannesburg, where he and his team engineers and breeds rare and unusual animals for wealthy hunters to pay ridiculous amounts of money to shoot golden gnu, white lions with pale eyes, black impalas, white kudus, and coffee-colored springboks.

Barry York
Barry York

Let me put this in perspective for you. A hunter is willing to pay nearly $50,000 to take a shot at a golden gnu. This is a staggering 100 times more than what they pay to shoot a typical gnu.

A golden gnu
A golden gnu

May I also refresh all of your minds with the recent trailer below from Jurassic World, which warns the world about what happens when you tamper with genetically modified dinosaurs.

Are you drawing a parallel between the two? Because I sure am.

There is already much debate and controversy over the notion of hunting, but producing GMO animals for the sole purpose of shooting awakens a myriad of questions and concerns in our minds, and should have in York's mind too.

Morally Unsound

While lion with pale eyes
While lion with pale eyes

Corralling a group of innocent animals for the sole purpose of human beings to load up guns and fire is just a painful thought. What about compassion for our fellow Earthly inhabitants?

Genetic Issues

This type of animal cannot contribute to their population because they are a mutation. Also, most of these rare variants will not survive in the wild.

For example, white lions tend to get skin diseases, cancers, issues with their feet, and twisted tails. White springbok are also prone to cancer, and black impala are more vulnerable to heat stroke.

Damaging Land

Because the animals are being farmed, conservationists have criticisms against York's methods. Apparently farming impala isn't any different than farming cows, and therefore they are actually damaging land with air pollution, water pollution, deforestation, and monocultures, and fossil fuel emissions.

If you are interested in how farming harms the environment, check out this article here.

Dinosaur eggs
Dinosaur eggs

Have We Really Learned Nothing From The Movies?

It is obvious that York's mind frame is focused on profit rather than conservation. As taught in the former Jurassic Park movies, the effect greed and power has on a human's mind can cause a blindness, producing a willingness to continue despite disastrous results.

Which confuses me as to why we haven't learned from what happened in the previous Jurassic Park films? Shouldn't we know better than to tamper with what should be left alone?

It seems that history is doomed to yet again repeat itself.

[Source: Bloomberg Business]


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