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Scooby Doo is still one of my favorite shows growing up. It featured legitimate drama, an awesome cast, mystery, etc. And while Fred and Daphne may have been the preppy, good-looking members of the crew, I think Velma flies furthest under the radar as true wifey material.

She was the spirit animal of nerds and geeks everywhere, donning glasses and often being the voice of reason on the show. She was smart, capable, and I would like to argue, sexy.

This fan art does a good job of proving my point. Apparently I'm not the only one crushing on Velma. Take a look at these 10 images that will either solidify how you feel about her or make you reevaluate her hotness.

1. Velma by KR0NPR1NZ

They say the eyes are the window to the soul. I think Velma looks pretty and empathetic in this image.

2. We've Got Some Work To Do Now by Travis Pitts

If the zombie apocalypse broke out, I have a feeling Velma and Scooby Doo would last a long time.

3. High Fashion Velma by yingjue

This is awesome. It looks like Scooby Doo has been laying off the Scooby Snacks and has gotten himself in nice, elegant form. Velma looks like a runway model here, too.

4. Velma by Sakimichan

This is undeniably sexy. There's nothing wrong with a little bit of sultriness, Velma. Solve those mysteries, girl.

5. Velma by Loputon

I'm digging the hipster vibes I'm getting from this one. Her hair here is on point, for sure.

6. Velma by Elias-Chatzoudis

I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this one - super sexy, but I don't know... I kind of like Velma in her more common form. But, I'm not mad.

7. Velma and Daphne by Ehryel

Who would you pick between the two? I'm leaning towards Velma, mainly because it seems like I have a better chance with her but also because I legitimately am more attracted to her.

8. Sci-Fi Velma by pardoart

This futuristic Velma is badass. I think whatever mysteries she's solving that requires this kind of weaponry must be hella mysterious.

9. Velma by joel27


10. Velma by Fuzzycoma

Here we have a cute, made-up Velma. I'm all for the sexy ones, but this works for me too.

Also, what a classic show this was... arguably the sickest opening credits theme-song of any cartoon ever!

(Via: dorkly, deviantart)


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