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The hottest digital TV distributor right now is Netflix and the hottest show they have right now is [Daredevil (Netflix)](series:1168702). Given this platform, it only makes sense that [Marvel](channel:932254) would provide Easter eggs that might give us some insight into what could happen in other parts of the Marvel Universe. Or, at the very least, there were almost guaranteed to be little "aha" moments throughout the show.

There were tons of Easter eggs in the first season, which you can watch now on Netflix. Fellow Moviepilot staff writer Kit Simpson Browne already covered the 15 geekiest Easter eggs, but there may be one that he missed...

Check out this photo from the background on the show. Admittedly, it's pretty blurry... but it looks like a newspaper clipping of something... possibly Spider-man? Is that a pair of white eyes and a mask? Hmm...

Could it be Miles Morales?

For a little more context (I know this photo isn't great... even if you zoom in) please take into consideration what [Tom Somerfield](user:2602396) brought to our attention... it took place in Episode 10 on the show.

In this scene, Foggy walks in and says "I just bumped into Morales..." Of course, Morales could be anybody, it's a fairly common name. But it only makes sense that it's Miles because this show exists in the MCU and there's no reason to toy with us here. Also, the Morales family lives in New York City, so there's that. Plus both of Morales' parents are lawyers, like Murdock. So, he may even be talking about Miles' father, laying the groundwork for Miles.

Could it be Big Ben?

This is kind of just wishful thinking, but I hope they somehow bring "Big Ben" Donavan into the picture. It would be mind-blowing and amazing.

Some people think it was Venom

This would also be amazing, too. And once again, I know that you can't really see the photo, but there is no reason to include newspaper clippings in such a prevalent location in the background that have NO significant meaning whatsoever.

I really don't know, though. Maybe it's nothing and we're just reading too much into it. What do you think? Sound off below.

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