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December 24th, 1997- The Day Gaming Changed My Life

Christmas Eve 1997
Christmas Eve 1997

On Christmas Eve its always a tradition for my family to go down to my grandparents to open presents from them and other family. My Uncle would always give me something awesome. He was cool, hip and knew what a 90's kid needed. He handed my a rectangular package, the shape seemed familiar. I opened the wrapping paper, to my surprise, he got me a video game. Not just any video game, Goldeneye 64.

This was the single most important game in my video game career. I had played many games before this, but none had introduced me to the wonderful world of multiplayer. Four screens going at once, is this madness? The single player gameplay was also amazing and actually followed the movie pretty closely. This was the game that I believe forever changed the first person shooter games. This made multiplayer a reality for millions of kids.

January 1st, 1998- No ODDJOB!

As Christmas vacation whined down, it was time to tell my friends what I had received. Soon, friends started to want to hang out. They wanted to play Goldeneye 64. We started to have tournaments and started learning what "screen watching" meant and the advantages of picking OddJob. If you got caught doing it, you know you were getting a controller thrown at your face. This game helped me open up, make friends and fall in love with gaming. Though I had played other Nintendo games, it wasn't until Goldeneye 64 that I realized games were going to be a part of our lives for a long time.

April 21st, 2015- Nostalgia Awakens

Now I sit here writing this out, remembering the past and makes me want to play again. So this weekend I will be in search of my childhood, its time to play Goldeneye 64 again. Its important to note that kids these days will never know the feeling of "screen watching" or actually having to get your friends to come over to play a game. Games have become awesome lately and sometimes I feel like I am becoming the old man who can't understand these dang new games. If I get left behind in all the future technology, at least I know Goldeneye 64 will welcome me back with a warm embrace.


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