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I got "All about superheroes". Wow. I definately did not know that, especially with my past 3 posts being about superheroes.Links here:

Daredevil( pre-release of the show):,manual,manual

Marvel, and the re-production of Amalgam:,manual,manual

Daredevil, and his suit, nearly 30 minutes away from the release of his costume:,manual,manual

Great. So, with that out of the way, i'm not entirely sure what to do with this article, except it said: "why not try your hand at writing a SUPER... VIDEO GAME article? Suit up, and get gaming!" . From what i've gathered, there are prizes involved. i enjoy prizes. They looked good, not to mention the girl holding them did.

is there a way to virtually whistle?
is there a way to virtually whistle?

Okay, gaming:

Uh, the most updated console i have is a Wii. However, i have researched the s--t out of Batman: Arkham Knight, and I have played Arkham Asylum+ City, and have not yet played Origins. So, do YOU want to know who the Arkham Knight is? Because i sure as hell want to.

So, options: Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Anarky, Tim Drake, etc.

Jason Todd

First off: Red Hood has been requested by fans since a sequel to Asylum. Red Hood is an awesome, amazing character, concept, and storyline. Jason Todd is the most suitable candidate: at least in my opinion. The Arkham Knight sounds vengeful in this particular quote, when he was talking to Scarecrow: "Batman is not a hero. He's an @$$hole, an old man, and an idiot who dresses up in a goddamn Batsuit. He doesn't save people. Hell, he doesn't even give people hope. And that's why I'm gonna kill his @$$.". Wow, that sounds like exactly what Jason would say. He's probably even said that in a particular comic. Another clue that we know that Jason is somewhere in the Arkhamverse is that in Arkham Knight, Tim Drake is Robin. Since Jason comes before Tim, that means he exists. Another clue is that in the Robin missions in Batman: Arkham City, the Joker says over a loudspeaker, "Didn't I kill you already?''

"Didn't I kill you already?"
"Didn't I kill you already?"

When Arkham Knight's talking to Scarecrow in the quote above, he calls Batman an "old man", something that someone older than him can call him (for obvious reasons), so for me, that rules out Deathstroke (he was a contender for a while). Jason obviously has a reason to be mad at Batman. For those of you who don't know his backstory, ill post a link to his wikipedia page here: .

So, i think he's top pick. However, this came out:

So, huh. Vigilante?
So, huh. Vigilante?

i guess that may either rule him out.. However, maybe the Arkham Knight is actually an original character, but why would they do that? that seems extremely pointless, even though it would be pretty new. A new, unexplored concept. Which, if that is the case may leave the entire article moot.

Damian Wayne

Another popular theory is Damian Wayne. Damian Wayne possibly exists in the Arkhamverse, because of this quote: "You didn't need to get yourself arrested to see me Bruce, after that night we spent in Metropolis... you could have just called."

A night in Metropolis, possibly leading to the little brat. Even though he may possibly be too young to be the size of this guy, his age could have been accelerated , just like his brother who killed him in the comics, the Heretic.


Damian also has no problem killing, unlike his dad. So, possibility, yet I personally don't like him as a character, and I don't really want him to be Arkham Knight.


Anarky is also a possibility for the who's under the helmet of the Arkham Knight. After the events of Arkham Origins, there has been no response or word of Anarky, and he is not a registered inmate of Arkham Asylum. In the demo of Arkham Knight, there are Anarky tags around the environment, at least two of them. Now, Anarky has the motive, being as Batman ruined his plans for chaos, and true justice among Gotham, he is younger than Batman, meaning that when AK (i might start reffering to Arkham Knight as AK, though it won't be too often) was talking to Sacrecrow and calls Bats an "old man", it would check out.

The Arkham Knight is also incredibly physically fit, or else he wouldn't be able to take on Batman by himself. While Anarky isn't particularly fit in Arkham Origins, he had the time between Origins and Knight to get completely ripped, traveling across the world, just like wayne did, building up more allies to add to his army, and training to be a cold hearted killer.

So there it is. motive, physicality, age, and ability to build an army. Currently, those are the top four criteria for the identity of AK.

Tim Drake

Red Robin, Robin. While i don't see this as the most likely option, many people think it's him. A large clue is the voice. The voice actor for both Tim Drake Robin and Arkham Knight is a popular voice actor named Troy Baker. Now, he has the physical strength and the skills, since he was trained by Batman. He also has the age difference. However, i'm not entirely sure if he would be able to create an army to carry out his will. Something may have happened to him, something that could give Drake the motive to try and bring down Batman, though everyone's still uncertain.

Does Robin need to smack a criminal?
Does Robin need to smack a criminal?

However, Joker's also voice portrayed, at least in Arkham Origins, by Troy Baker. But, Joker will not be the Arkham Knight, as confirmed by Rocksteady, and also the fans would be outraged, because Arkham Asylum, villain is Joker. Batman: Arkham City, villain is Joker. And then finally, Batman:Arkham Origins comes out. The villain is finally different, Black Mas-OH WAIT, It's the Joker... surprise.....

Well, chances are, there's going to be an all-new Batman villain who debuted in a video game, and his name's the Arkham Knight. Hopefully it isn't, though.


Who is the Arkham Knight?


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