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2016 will be a great year for superhero fans as the two most highly anticipated movies of the year, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice will come out on March 25th, and Captain America: Civil War will be out on May 6th. Both guarantee to rake in some serious cheddar, but which one will live up to the build up? We have the most popular superheroes locked up in a fight who are comic book classic rivalries. But which rivalry will satisfy the best on screen? Let's look at them from both movie and comic book perspectives to determine this.

Comic book Rivalry :

Batman vs. Superman

The Dark Knight Returns 2012
The Dark Knight Returns 2012

The most popular fight or rivalry between these two Justice League members was the one dated back to the mid '80s in The Dark Knight Returns. Here, an aging Bruce Wayne comes out of retirement at the ripened age of 50+, stirring a hornet's nest in Gotham again as Batman, forcing the president (Regan) to appoint their super weapon, Superman to deal with him. Though Superman's / Clark's approach was to verbally convince Batman / Bruce to go back into hiding, Bruce wasn't listening. It lead to one of the most awesome battles in comic history.

Captain America vs. Iron Man

Marvel Civil War 2006-2007
Marvel Civil War 2006-2007

This rivalry took place in the mid / late 2000s, featuring two of the greatest and most influential Avengers of all time. This rivalry began to fester on the eve of a tragedy that took many people's lives, including those of a school of children. Most, if not all, superheroes were held responsible for the incident even though those two were not involved. Tony Stark, wanted to take action to assure the people they are not a threat by insisting that all superheroes register under the Superhero Registration Act. Even though he knew there would be friction among some or most superheroes opposing it, Tony believed with Captain America on board, this would go through without a hitch. Well it turned out, Captain America / Steve Rogers ended up being the hitch. Even though everyone knew who Cap was, he thought it was wrong for superheroes' identities to be revealed publicly because of the danger it puts their friends and acquaintances in. This led to heroes taking sides with Iron Man and Captain America, being leaders on opposite sides and having a war.

The Movie version

Even though they are not out yet in the theaters, we have confirmation that each movie duo will duke it out on the big screen, Batman V Superman simply by title, & Captain America & Iron Man by the comic book title of their series.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016

Now it is quite vaguely based on the trailer on what led them to blows, but what we already know is that there are numerous future Justice League characters floating around in this movie, clearly the title headlines what this movie will be about. How much time will be shared among them all? It seems quite overloaded on superheroes already, so curiosity will probably get the best of us as we impatiently wait. Will their be a Justice League-like trailer provided showing a different perspective of the film? We can only hope.

Captain America: Civil War

Even though it is not out yet, [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035), will have heavy consequences leading into the next Captain America film. In the first film, The Avengers, Tony and Steve were already butting heads, kind of giving us a glimpse into the future. Now, we don't know what exactly happens, except for Ultron emerging, that leads them into this rivalry. Is it a mistake that Tony or Steve made, or will it be the Registration Act in the [Marvel: Civil War](tag:2346746) movie, like in the comics? The latter is a strong possibility, but we will just have to wait and see.

Which movie is worthy of having the fight in the first place?

Not having popularity being the deciding factor on this, this weighs heavily in Marvel's favor simply because they have stacks of movies developing the characters and slowly brewing the potential for this fight. From the beginning of their relationship, they barely saw eye to eye, but when they work together, it is quite harmonious. But when they disagree, it can split them where the grey area does not exist. It will be interesting how the rift will be handled.

Since the Nolan Dark Knight films hold no weight on the Batman V Superman movie, all DC has to go on is what happened in [Man of Steel](movie:15593) where Batman was nowhere to be seen except for Wayne Enterprises' satellite that was destroyed by Superman and Zod, mainly Zod . Squeezing in their relationship development in one movie could prove daunting. Clear winner here is Captain America: Civil War.

Which movie will have the best fight?

Now this may be blatantly obvious, but let's come to the defense of the Marvel duo. Yes, to most fans, there is no fight better than a Batman and Superman fight. But chances are, this will be a one and done, they give and take their licks and become great friends, for now. It is a strong possibility that Cap and Iron Man may fight twice, which would be truly awesome if they do. Both fights should be exciting , but only one will pack the punch with some true authority. Superman is one of the most powerful super-beings in the DC Universe while Batman is the most resourceful, cunning, and brutal. It will be like a prize fight on steroids. Captain America and Iron Man are not ultra powerful, but Tony's armor and tech will bring some serious lumber with him in the fight, while Steve's strength, agility, and determination will be tested to the max. It should be a very entertaining fight, but it won't have the prestige that Bats and Supes will have. Winner here clearly is Batman V Superman.

Which will be the better movie?

With everything we know about the movies already on the table, this may come down to one or two key factors. Captain America: Civil War and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice are both micro versions of The Avengers and The Justice League, so they might cancel each other out on that factor. We do know that Lex Luthor will be in this movie, but how many villains actually will be in this one? Captain America: CW may have numerous villains in theirs, so they may have the edge there. A key factor in Batman V Superman may be what leads to their fight. How it is set up could make all the difference in the movie's success. I am not sure about their version of Wonder Woman, which I am nervous about, so I can't factor her into this because of the uncertainty. Captain America: Civil War has added what I believe to be the ultimate weapon... Spiderman. Marvel was working hard to get them him in the MCU and now it has paid off and could pay off to be huge! Overall, I think that Marvel has been busy but steady in the movie projects and was not trying to bite off more than they can chew, while DC is taking huge risks with less film support. Going on the safer bet, I think Captain America: Civil War will be the better movie, that doesn't mean that Batman V Superman won't be good. I hope it will be stupendous. I am a fan of both Marvel and DC, and I hope both movies do well.

Which movie do you look forward to the most? Which fight are you looking forward to more? Which movie do think will do better? Leave you comments below.


Which movie will do better in 2016?


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