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Tabby J Hudson

So over the Easter holidays my younger two children nagged to go see the Minions films, which alas, is not out until June sometime. Instead, I thought they'd probably enjoy the new SpongeBob movie, being as they still watch the TV show endlessly on, you guessed it, Netflix! I don't mind saying that I quite like SpongeBob, as the character, when you look past the slapstick shenanigans, has a strong sense of doing the right thing, being a good person, and the importance of friends and hard work. Not a bad role model for a sea creature made of sponge.

So what to say about this movie....? Basically it's like a feature-length episode with atypical uncohesive plot, full of enjoyable nonsense. This is not to say that I didn't enjoy it, but considering what I paid for us to get into the Vue cinema to watch it, I think maybe I could have waited for the dvd release! That said, the kids guffawed their way through it, with the most memorable bit being the candy floss scene which made us all laugh out loud. There is also a smattering of mildly adult humour in there, which of course goes over kids heads, but is there for the sake of the sanity of the grown ups in the audience. I also enjoyed the fact that the very handsome Antonio Banderas stepped into yet another children's film role, playing the pirate captain with much enthusiasm. He won't be complaining when it pays off his mortgage, am I right?!

I would recommend this for a family afternoon treat, as everyone knows and loves SpongeBob even if they won't admit it! The audience was small (in size and numbers!), however there was much giggling and enjoyment of our heroes antics along with all his usual friends. The familiarity of the characters and the colourful Bikini Bottom setting makes this film easy to watch, and everyone will come away feeling happy and silly, and probably in the mood for crabby patties! Enjoy!



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